Let us return again this week to our study of this great allegorical story of Esther.  I remind you that the theme of this book is ‘Providence’.  It is the unseen hand of God in the glove of my history telling His story.  Remember an allegorical story is when the author takes various characters to symbolize a particular subject and teach truths through their lives.  In our last study Haman (law of sin and spirit of temptation) sent out a decree that all the Jews were to be killed. (3:13) Esther (picture of new nature of the redeemed soul) under Mordecai’s (picture of faith) direction asks the King for help.  The King told her that he would answer her request up to half of the kingdom.  The allegorical story breaks down here for our Lord promises His adopted joint-heir children, the entire kingdom and not half.

            Let us begin today to look at ‘The Banquet Of Providence’. (5:4-6) It is at this banquet that Esther will be given the strength to be more than a conqueror.  In Matthew’s gospel we are told the only way you can take a strong man’s house is that you must enter the house and bind the strong man.  How can God’s people keep from being bound by a stronger than them?

            I notice at this Banquet it would first involve being ‘Possessed By A Person’.  In 5:6 this invitation by Esther to the King and Haman is to the ‘banquet of wine’.  The phrase means banquet house of joy, cheer, fullness, and a state of being unaffected by present circumstances.  In the Song of Solomon (2:4) she says that he placed her under His banner or flag, the place a King would place his conquered spoils.  She said his banner over me was love.  At the banquet, Solomon and her drank apple flagons that were nothing more than apple juice.  She says in verse 5 that she ‘is sick of love’.  The word ‘sick’ is giddy, lightheaded, or drunk.  The person of the King has possessed her and she is drunk on his love. If we are to be conquered we too must be intoxicated on the love of our Savior.  Have we the testimony of a time when we have been so over whelmed by the love of Christ that we were possessed with His person?

            We find at this banquet there is ‘The Petition Of A Promise’.  In Chapter 5, verses 7-8, Esther is given the assurance of the promise of which she now lays holds to.  In Chapter 7:4 the promise is laid hold of.  Remember, a promise given is of no value until you lay hold and make it your own.  In 7:7 we are reminded that once the promise is laid hold of the adversary will try to talk you out of the promise.  I can see the unseen hand moving in to seal the deal.  What is it that was arranged in the past that made this promise sure in the present?  What happens to make it possible for Esther to point her finger at Haman and say he is the man?

            In our story we are confronted with ‘The Bindings Past’.  God has worked much through providence to bring this about in time.  In 2:5 we find Mordecai is the great grandson of Kish.  In 3:1 we find Haman is an Amalekite.  What is the connection?  Years before, Saul, the son of Kish, was to destroy the Amalekites.  He didn’t and it cost him dearly.   Years later God crosses His ‘t’s’ and dots His ‘i’s’.  

            I see also in our text ‘The Binding Of Providence’.  In 5:9-11 the King cannot sleep and asks for the scribes to read the history book to put him to sleep.  He finds that Mordecai has never been honored for spoiling a plot against his life.  The King then asks if anyone is in the outer court that could honor Mordecai.  The scribe says Haman is in the court.  He has come to seek permission to hang Mordecai. The King asks Haman what should be done to honor one of his subjects. Haman, thinking it was he, said to place him on your horse, robe him, crown him, and parade him through the street.  The King thinks this an excellent idea and says to do this for Mordecai.  This day of Haman’s humiliation was the same day of Esther’s banquet.  Haman was that day hung on his own gallows.  Satan will be thrown in his own Hell.  Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect?  Nothing can separate us from Him for we are more than conquerors through Christ that loved us and gave His life for us.

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