Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study

Week #1
Posted February 23, 2009

Daniel 2:28a

I would like to begin a study of the Book of Daniel.  I promise not to deal with anything about prophecy.  The only thing I know about end times is that He is coming and will come at His appointed time.  I desire to study Daniel and the three Hebrew children’s God.  He was a big God, thus the title ‘Big God Theology’.  The word ‘theology’ is made up of two words, ‘God’ and ‘the study of’’.   So our theme is the study of a Big God.  I fear today that we are suffering from an epidemic of little God Theology.

            I am reminded of the story told years ago by the great preacher Donald Barnhouse.  He wrote a set of Books on Romans that are classics in practical study.  He tells about preaching his first sermon after finishing Bible school.  His Bible professor came to hear him and sat on the front row.  After the service the professor came and told Donald that he would never come to hear him again.  Donald was alarmed that he had done such a bad job but the professor assured him that on the contrary he had preached a Big God and he felt that Donald would do fine.

            Let us turn our attention to what I believe to be the theme phrase of the Book of Daniel.  It is found in Chapter 2, verse 28 where the Bible says, “But there is a God in heaven…” It takes for granted that we know the foundation of the Book of Daniel from our Sunday school days.  Four boys are snatched from royal families and brought into Babylonian captivity.  They purposed in their hearts that no matter what, they were going to walk with God. (1:8) Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and wanted the wise men to give him the interpretation, and Oh, by the way, he also needed the dream as he had forgotten what it was.  When Daniel showed the dream and its interpretation, the king wanted to know how that he could know this.  David replied, ‘But there is a God in heaven…”

            I want to begin this week by looking at the Big God in Chapter 2 as ‘The God Of Revelation’.  In order to know this Big God He must be ‘revealed’.  The word is used five times in Chapter 2 in verses 5,16,19,27, and 28.  This word means to uncover, to strip away, to bring or carry into clarity, to disclose or cause to discover, and to cause to appear clearly.  The number 5 is the number of grace so we see that Daniel is revealing to us the Sovereign Grace of our Big God.

            Look with me to Chapter 2 and verses 21-22 and see ‘His Authority Over Temporal Things’.  We are told He changeth the times.  He changes not but can will an alteration even to alter time itself.  He removeth and setteth up those in earthly authority. The words mean to cause to be removed or established in a position over. Our President is in a position that God ordained and not the people’s vote.  We see in verses 21-22 ‘His Authority Over Eternal Things’.  We are told our Big God giveth wisdom.  This is wisdom that comes only from above.  It is always right.  In verse 22 we are told our God revealeth deep things and can make known what is in the dark.  He has total recognition and knowledge of all things, not only before they happen but also He is the one who ordained their happening.

            He is so big He could send men to Hell before they could go home and pack a suitcase.  Why, He can send men to Hell with their clothes on their backs.  Men couldn’t even curse unless He gave them the breath to curse.  He is so big He sent 26,000 sons of Korah to Hell in one day with their clothes on.  In Noah’s day He sent 3 billion people to Hell in a flood.  They all drowned looking at the outside of the Ark of safety. I assure you there was no smiley face and banner saying ‘God loves you’ on the bow of the Ark.  O God, reveal to us a God so big and with such authority that we see He is over all things, in all places, and at all times.  May we just not only believe it but also live it in our daily lives, methods, and reactions to life.


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