Daniel 6:25-28


I would turn our attention to a final study of Daniel and Big God Theology. Let us look this week at Daniel 6:25-28 that this Big God is seen as  ‘He Is The God Of Rest’. Let us look at this final thought that ‘Daniel Found Rest Like the Heights Of Heaven’. I see in verse 25 there is ‘The Heights Of Heaven’s Multiple Peace’. There are multiple facets of peace. There is the peace of God; it came at the time of salvation. It is wholeness and completeness. There is also the peace with God. There has been given to God’s people the ability to say, ‘nothing between my soul and the Saviour’. This pagan king Darius sees Daniel with multiple peace. The songwriter said it best with these words. ‘Far away in the depths of my spirit tonight, rolls a melody sweeter than psalm; In celestial like strains it unceasingly falls, o’er my soul like an infinite calm. Peace, peace! Wonderful peace, coming down from the Father above. Sweep over my spirit forever I pray, In fathomless billows of love.’ I know of no greater truth than God’s peace like the waves of the ocean rolling over us time and time again during the dark days of an encounter with Satan and his lion’s den.

            I see in verses 26-27 ‘The Height Of Heaven’s Manifested Power’. This earthly king in verse 26 makes a decree about Daniel’s God. This lost pagan king says of Daniel’s God that He is a living God, a steadfast God and His kingdom shall not be destroyed and His dominion shall be until the end. This was a nice decree, pretty words, coming from a lost man about Daniel’s God but it changes nothing or states nothing about Daniel’s God. His God was all of this and more before the decree and long after this king lays in the dust of the earth, Daniel’s God ever liveth. We are told of His manifested power in verse 27. The king said God delivered, rescued, and worked signs and wonders in getting Daniel free from the lion’s den. It was blessed that the king recognized this power but long before this king and long after thinking our God worketh in a great manifested power we can be assured that it is not by our might and power that God does anything but it is by His Spirit.

            In verse 28 we find ‘The Heights Of Heaven’s Manifested Prosperity’. This is not the first time but one of many over the years of time that Daniel has landed upon his feet at the top. How can it be that he keeps on keeping on? It is because he knows and lives with the Big God Of Rest. He knows the God who causes all of His people to operate in an easy yoke. It is not a double yoke of pulling the load 50 – 50. There is only one hookup. He pulls and we rest.

            When I think of these truths of the Big God Of Theology I want to exclaim:

God is so Big, God is so Big, God is so Big

He’s so Big to me.

He reigns Supreme, He reigns Supreme, He reigns Supreme

He’s so Big to me.

He controls it all, He controls it all, He controls it all

He’s so Big to me.

He lives in me, He lives in me, He lives in me

He’s so Big to me.

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