Daniel 6:16-23


Let us study once more Daniel’s Big God Theology. This week we will look at Daniel 6:16-23 and the fact that ‘He Is A God Of Rest’. Daniel has found several points of rest in our Big God. Today let us look at this truth; ‘He Found Rest Among The Hounds Of Hell’. The ‘he’ in our title is Daniel. The ‘hounds of Hell’ are the presidents that order the decree of anyone found praying to any other but the earthly king. This would result in them being thrown in the lion’s den.

            In verse 16 I find ‘Daniel Found Rest In The Word Of Promise’. I am amazed from whence this promise came. It is coming from the mouth of a pagan Gentile king. A lost man, if you can believe it. I wonder if the lost of this world see any God on us. It certainly will make all the difference. He told Daniel, ‘thy God whom thou servest continually, He will deliver thee.’ He saw in Daniel a great faithfulness to his God. He told Daniel that his God would deliver. The word has the idea that he has a hedge about Daniel for protection. Oh, how I am reminded that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world, or for Daniel, in the lion’s den.

            Let me remind us that before you encounter your lion’s den, may God give you a promise that will sustain you in a dark hour. You cannot get a promise from God that suits your need if you are not in His Word.

            I see in 6:22a ‘He Found Rest In The Work’s Of Power’. God shut the lion’s mouth. They had no power over Daniel. They later killed and ate a large group of people. If this be true, curl up, pillow your head on the devil, and rest until our God opens the door of the lion’s den for deliverance. The devil has no power over us unless it is given him from above. The devil might slobber on you, and gum you, but he can’t eat you. He has no teeth. The Lord pulled all his teeth at Calvary. Thank you Lord. I can live in the fact that greater is He that is in me than all the devil’s in Hell. I am reminded of the great missionary Jonathan Patton. The cannibals came to eat him night after night but never did. They later said they were afraid of the two shiny men on top of his hut. I am sure if God let the cannibals see the shiny men the lion’s could see them in the den.

            I find in verse 22b and 23c ‘He Found Rest in The Witness Of Preservation’.  Daniel said that there was no hurt upon him because innocency was found in him. The word ‘innocent’ is our word for a man of integrity. The word means a servant who does not have to be checked on. No one had to come by the lion’s den to see if Daniel was still holding on.

            In verse 23c I find in the witness that Daniel ‘believed in his God’. The word ‘believe’ means to cast ones self in total reliance and dependency upon another.

            Let the devil roar. He can’t come near me unless it is ordered of the Lord. Even than he can only mess with my body, he cannot come near my soul. That, my friend, causes me to rest.

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