Daniel 6:3-5,7,24


We will look this week at some final remnants from Daniel’s Big God. I guess you can tell that I like to close. This is my second week with closing remarks and the way it looks now there are two more ‘and finally’ coming. We have been looking at this Big God and the fact of ‘He Is The God Of Rest’. I want us to see ‘He Found Rest From The Head Of Horrors’. The ‘he’ speaks here of Daniel and the heads of horror were the other presidents that had the lion’s den decree drafted.

            I want us to see in verses 3-5 ‘Daniel Rested In Their Exception’. The key to the president’s exception is found in verse 3. There was an excellent spirit found in Daniel. This phrase can be written; ‘a spirit of excellence’ was in him. When God dwells in us it will be displayed on our outward man and the world will not be excited by this display of Christ likeness.

            Let us see in verse 4 that these presidents examined Daniel and could find no error or fault in him except that he was always faithful. My friend, does this world find our lives to be without fault and but a display of God’s faithfulness. The exception clause was that they couldn’t find anything in Daniel’s life except with the law of his God. They probably said ‘who wants a God that demands we pray three times a day’. While they examined and made exception Daniel rested in his Big God.

            I see in our study of 6:7 that ‘Daniel Rested In Their Edict’. All of the leaders came together and established a royal statute and a firm decree. The decree stated that if you prayed to anyone but the king you would be thrown in the lion’s den. We cannot ever look to man to take care of us or supply our needs.  Peter said, ‘We must obey God rather than man.’ The world can develop its laws that will cause us to be forced to decide between obeying God or man but we can always rest in the edicts of man, no matter what they develop, that God will take care of us. 

            In 6:4 ‘Daniel Rested In Their End’. Once Daniel spent the night with the lions and was safe the king commanded that they were to bring the men who had accused Daniel. Their wives along with their children were to be brought also. How I am reminded that our sinful decisions don’t just affect us but those we care for most. The king commanded that they be thrown in the lion’s den. Daniel didn’t try to stop them but rested in their end. His Big God knows best. The text tells us the same lions that never touched Daniel had the master over his enemies. The word indicates that they had their way with them. The text tells us they broke all their bones in pieces before they ever hit the ground. Oh, what a horrible death. How I am remind of a couple of lessons. One is ‘greater is He that is in us than he that is in the lion’s den’. The second lesson is to be ‘careful in touching God’s man’. The lion’s den may be your fearful end.

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