Daniel 6:3-10

            Let us begin today to bring to a conclusion our study of Daniel’s Big God. We will study the subject for another 2 or 3 weeks and look at this Big God as ‘He Is The God Of Rest’.  I am interested in the text of Daniel 6:3 where the Bible says that “…an excellent spirit was in him;” This goes along with our study of the God Of Rest. God’s rest is always amazing. It is always the inward as manifested to the outward. It is never dependent on outward circumstances. His oath, His covenant, His blood supports me in the whelming flood; when all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay. Rest cannot be explained. It must be experienced. If you need it explained, more than likely it has never been experienced. In the words of a preacher friend after a message, ‘that kind of preaching will get in the bed with you.” May the need for an experience of true rest get in the bed with us. A great preacher, Jonathan Edwards, was run off from a church as one said of him later, “He appeared to be a man whose happiness was out of the reach by his circumstances.”

            I want us to see that ‘He Found Rest In The Habits Of Holiness’. ‘Daniel Practiced The Habits Of Holiness When Forbidden.’ In 6:10 he knew the writing was signed but he did as before. What decrees had been signed? The other presidents who could not understand the excellent spirit in Daniel got the king to send out a decree that anyone caught praying to anyone but the king was to be thrown in the lion’s den. Peter said in the book of Acts, ‘We ought to obey God rather than man.’ If you and I will not practice holiness while we are at liberty to do so, we will not practice them when they are forbidden.

            ‘Daniel Practiced The Habits Of Holiness With Faithfulness.’ In verse 10 we find he did as he did before. He did in the present what he had done in the past. Daniel prayed three times a day and the writing did not deter his faithfulness and so much the more even as the day the writing was signed. Rest is not found in super spiritual things but in the mundane spiritual exercise of day in and day out practices of holy living. We will find our greatest rest will come from our daily quiet time of prayer and Bible study.

            ‘Daniel Practiced The Habits Of Holiness With Fervency’. The text says in 6:10 that he kneeled three times a day and gave thanks before his God. The word thanks means to kneel with hands extended, palms upward, while giving words of loud praise.  Let us remember he always opened the window toward home, he always kneeled, always prayed out loud and there would be no change today just because a human said he couldn’t. The text said it was all done before his God. Let us be more concerned with the fact that God is watching than that man is looking. We will find great rest for our souls in our faithful practice of holiness. Let us have a time each day that we have an appointment with the Lord to pray and read His word. If there is more outward advances toward Him there will be less inward decline away from Him. Let not man or circumstances keep us from our habit of being alone with our God. We will find rest even when all around our soul is giving away.

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