Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #8
Posted April 7, 2010

Ephesians 2:6


Let us ponder this week some more thoughts from Ephesians on the word ‘together’. The word means the bringing together of two warring parties and making them one. In verse 6 the word together is mentioned twice so it is here we have a double portion of gathering together.

I want to study this thought ‘The Reign Of Gathering Together’. The phrases before us are ‘He hath raised us up together and made us sit together.’ In our last study of resurrection our Lord brought us above ground and out of the grave. It is in this portion of the text that He will take us to the top and set us beside Himself.

Let us look first of all at ‘The Power Exerted For This Reign’. I notice in our phrase ‘raised up together’ we find ‘A Progressive Power Exerted’. The word ‘raise’ is in the past tense. This tells us that there was an act performed in the past by God on our behalf that guarantees a present and continual work. I find in this verse there is ‘A Precious Power Exerted’. We return to Ephesians 1:19-20 were I find four words for power. He caused all of this power to bear upon us to raise us up together with Him. In our text we have the word ‘hath’. He hath raised us up together. The word ‘hath’ has the idea of pulling one to yourself and claiming possession by saying ‘this is mine’. Our God claims ownership of us. You might say what gives Him the right to own me? I find in the Psalms that He made me. As a matter of fact, He hand made me. Paul said He has made me acceptable in the beloved.

Let me also mention from our text ‘The Provision Of Excitement From This Reign’. The text says, ‘He hath made us sit together’. I find in this text ‘The Where Of Their Provision’. The word ‘sit’ is in the present tense. The word means to give a fixed seat in the company of another. We have a present tense seat right now in the presence of Christ.

I see also in our text ‘The How Of This Provision’. We are told that He hath made us sit. The word means to cause to happen. Oh, how this provision excites me. From this advantage point I will not look around or up but we must look down from this sitting position. When I look around it often confuses me. When I try to look up I often get dizzy and disoriented. He has fixed it up so we can look down. It is the position that we have grown accustomed to on this earth. What a reign of gathering together that we are now sitting with Him.