Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #6
Posted February 15, 2010

Ephesians 2:1-5


Let us continue our study of the word 'together' from the Book of Ephesians. The word means the bringing together of two warring parties. We are studying this subject 'When Two Become One'. We started last week to look at the 'Resurrection Of Gathering Together'. In verses 1-3 we found 'The Past State Before The Resurrection'.

This week I want to lay before us from verse 4 'The Present Source Begetting The Resurrection'. Just exactly how did God go about quickening us from a corpse lying in a coffin of trespasses and sins?

I see in verse 4a that He used 'An Interrupting Source' in the begetting of our resurrection. The text says "But God," I hear so many speaking today of others keeping their nose out of their business. They say don't 'but' into my affairs. I bless the day our God butted into my life. Oh, what a welcome interruption it was. This phrase 'But God' teaches so much truth from the various texts where it is used. In Romans 5:8 we find that God interrupted our life with His love in the words, "But God commendeth His love towards us" Our Lord didn't just say that He loved us but He proved it by dying for us while we were still sinners. In I Corinthians 2:10 I find God interrupted with His revelation in the phrase "But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit" It is impossible to know God apart from revelation. In I Corinthians 1:27 we find that God interrupted our lives with His choice in the phrase "But God hath chosen" I bless the time before the foundation of the world when God set in motion His choice to have me as His child. In I Corinthians 10:13 God interrupted our lives in a time of temptation with His faithfulness. It is seen in the phrase "But God is faithful" I thank Him for showing His faithfulness by sending a door of escape with each temptation. I bless the Lord for His interrupting work that He is doing in my life.

Let us look in verse 4b at 'An Interrupting Source' used in the begetting work of our resurrection from sin. In this verse I find our Lord shares with us His incredible resources when He tells us He is rich in mercy. Mercy is God withholding from us that which we deserve. How long can God continue to be merciful to His people? The text says that He is 'rich' in mercy. The word rich has the idea of infinite set of calculation. David says in Psalm that His mercy is higher than the heavens are above the earth. How high is that? Get in a spaceship, launch it straight up and be assured that you will never see a sign that says, 'Dead End Ahead'.

In the Two Becoming One through resurrection work I find there is 'An Incredible Reason'. In 4b Paul tells us 'because of His great love'. The word love is not that of an earthly love but and eternal love. It finds its origin in God alone shone to man by the shedding abroad in the human heart by the Holy Ghost. This love is totally unconditional. It is everlasting. There has never been a time when God loved me more or less. It didn't matter if I was lost, saved, sinner, or saint. His love was the same.

No wonder John said, 'For God soooooo loved the world" Paul brought to our attention the begetting work of God's resurrection work in my life. The Lord has interrupted my life with the incredible source of His mercy cradled in His Great Love.

I bless the day when He brought me from a corpse cradled in the casket of my sins and I saw Him clearly as the God who was full of mercy, love, and truth. May I ever walk in the newness of my resurrection life.