Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #4
Posted January 22, 2010

Ephesians 1:6, 12, 14


Let us continue to muse today from but one word in the Book of Ephesians. The word is 'together'. It means the bringing together of two warring parties and making them one. We have been looking in 1:10 at the 'The Redemption Of Gathering Together'. I have pointed out to us thus far 'The Places and Promises Of Gathering Together Of Redemption'.

This week look with me at 1:6,12, & 14 and 'The Praise Of The Gathering Together'.

In verses 6 and 14 I find the thought of 'Us Giving Him Praise'. The phrase in verse 6 'The praise of His glory' means commendation given to one because of ones high estimate or value of another. When we praise Him for what He hath done it is called 'thanks'. When we commend Him simply for who He is, it is called 'praise'. There is praise in verse 6 because of the display of God's grace. This grace has made us accepted in the beloved. The phrase 'made us' means to freely bestow upon another for no reason. The phrase has the idea of pursuing one with grace. The word 'accepted' means an approval and high favor of one bestowed by another. When Paul thinks of God's acceptance of him he erupts in praise to God.

In verse 14 we find our phrase again to the praise of His glory. Here Paul is praising Him for the earnest of our inheritance, the hope of final redemption. The word 'earnest' is the word down payment that assures us the best is yet to come. It is also our word for engagement ring. The Holy Ghost has been given to us as the down payment or the engagement ring. No wonder Paul broke out in praise. Paul is also praising Him because of the hope of final redemption. This is when we will be presented to Him for the final work of gathering together.

In verse 12a I find there is the thought of 'Him Giving Us Praise'. He is commending us and placing a high value on us. Why does He find any value in us? It is because of our continual 'trust' in Him. The word 'trust' means the total reliance of one on another. I rejoice because of my trust in Him for my past redemption. He paid the price and delivered me from the penalty of sin. I am rejoicing in Him because of my trust in Him to deliver me in present redemption. His present redemption delivers me from the power of sin. I look forward to the day when I will rejoice for evermore in the fact I trusted Him for a future redemption. In this future redemption He will deliver me from the presence of sin.

When I see Him and redemption is finalized, two will not become one simply by faith but it will be a blessed reality. I will be in Him and He will be in me. The prayers of John 17 will be answered when He prayed that we might be one with Him as He and the Father are one.