Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #3
Posted January 14, 2010

Ephesians 1:10, 19-20


Let us continue this week to muse from the Book of Ephesians and the word 'together' which is mentioned 7 times. The word means the union of two warring parties making them one.

We have been looking at the mention of this word 'together' in 1:10. Our study has led us to look at the 'Redemption Of Gathering Together'. We have looked already at 'The Place and Promise of Gathering.'

Let us look today at 1:19-20 and 'The Power Of Gathering Together' which plays a great part in our redemption. In verse 19 I am confronted with 'Us-ward Power'. Paul uses four Greek words in this verse to describe power brought to bear upon us in order to redeem us from our dead state in sin. The first word used in verse 19 is the word 'power'. The word means an inherent power that resides in God simply because of who He is. This power resides only with Him. The second word used is the word 'working'. This word means a supreme natural power that causes miracles to happen. The third word used is the word 'mighty'. This word means a power, ability, force, or strength that is not human. The last word used in the text is another word translated 'power'. This word means an exceeding strength or dominion that is ours in heaven, earth, and under the earth.

Now with these four powers defined notice what God did. In order to bring us together, make two to become one, He brought all four powers to bear upon us. He brought power, working, might, and power to bear upon us in order to redeem us from our sins. I cannot imagine us talking about our part of a profession, prayer, or decision when we see what Heaven brought to bear on us in order to bring us to Christ and Become one with Him.

In verse 20 I see an 'Unsearchable Power'. The phrase 'which He wrought' refers to the four types of power He brought to bear on our salvation. These four powers were brought to bear upon Christ in order to raise Him from the dead. This thought leaves me amazed that the same powers used to raise Christ from the dead was used to raise me to life eternal in salvation. I exclaim with the songwriter and say, 'I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene.'

I notice in verse 20 that these same four powers were used to set Christ at the Father's own right hand in the Heavenly places. I can certainly say from my vantage point that these powers are unsearchable. This gives a whole new meaning to the idea that all power resides in the Father and they have been given to the Son. I believe you would admit with me that our salvation is bigger than the profession, prayer, or decision of our free will. All power came to bear upon us in the redemption of two becoming one and bringing us together.