Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #2
Posted December 29, 2009

Ephesians 1:10


Let us continue our study this week on the word 'together' out of the Book of Ephesians. The word 'together' means the union of two warring parties. We are studying this theme, "When Two Become One".

We began last week looking at the word 'together' in 1:10 and 'The Redemption Of Gathering Together'. I brought our attention to 'The Place Of Gathering Together'.

This week may we meditate on 'The Promises Of Gathering Together'. Through the redemptive work of two becoming one there are many promises that are ours simply because we have been made one with Him. We are told in 1:3 that because of redemption we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings 'in Christ'. The phrase 'in Christ' is mentioned 18 times in this book and gives us the basis of the promise of being made one with Christ.

In verses 4-7 of Chapter 1 we find 'The Unseen Promises'. In verse 4 one of the promises of blessing is that we have been 'chosen' in Him. The word 'chosen' is the Greek word 'eklegomi' which means to pick out for oneself or to prefer one above another. This choice, the text tells us, came before the foundation of the world. There is great emphasis by some today of our free will of choice of Him. It is not even worth our discussion seeing the real reason we are saved is that He chooses us long before we had a thought of Him, let alone a choice.

In verse 5 we find another of the 'Unseen Promises' and it is that we have been 'predestined to adoption'. The word 'predestined' means a predetermined plan. It carries the idea of to preplan or decide before hand through a sovereign decree. It was God's predetermined plan that I might be adopted into His family. Even in our world, adoption carries great legal weight. It is almost virtually impossible for an adopted child to change his name after being given it by his adoptive parents. Let us not forget adoption carries the great weight of picking one over another.

In verse 7 we find the 'redemption and forgiveness of sin's promise'. The word 'redemption' is a payment being made that causes the full pardon of the one redeemed. The word 'forgiveness' means the total removal of all sins, both past, present, and future. My, what a blessing when two become one.

In verses 11-13 of Chapter 1 we find 'The Unsearchable Promises'. Although both of these areas of promise carry the idea of being unseen and unsearchable these two when mentioned carry a higher degree of being without bottom of depth.

In verse 11 we find we are given an 'inheritance'. This inheritance is according to His will. He has but one will, no plan B. The word 'inheritance' means to assign to one their own personal heritage of private possessions. What is our inheritance? It is to get all that Christ gets.

In verses 13-14 another unsearchable promise if the 'earnest or seal' of the Holy Ghost upon those in Christ. The 'earnest' is but a down payment with indication of more to come. The 'seal' is a mark of ownership that cannot be removed in this life or the one to come. All of this is mine because of the word 'together', When Two Become One.