Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #13
Posted June 7, 2010

Ephesians 2:22


Let us study again this week our word ‘together’ from Ephesians 2:22. The word together in our text means the gathering of two warring parties and making them one. We have been looking at this verse in the light of "the reckoning of gathering together". The word reckons means to take an inventory or an account of the value of Christ to us.

Let us look this week at "The reckoning of the favor". In verse 22 I find the favor of his presence. Paul speaks of us building together for a habitation of God. The word habitation means a dwelling place or a place to abide. Jesus speaks in John 15 of this thought, ‘if ye abide in me and I abide in you’. The word ‘abide’ means to feel at home in another. The Lord will reward a proper building program with His abiding presence. In the Old Testament God came upon his people and now He lives in them.

When he feels at home in us we will experience not just His presence but also His manifested presence. It is a blessing to know if He ever moves out of us we will move out with Him and go to live at His house. One of the great blessings to reckon upon when He abides in us, Jesus says is, that we will ask what we will and it shall be given unto us. The greatest instrument of operation for the Christian life is prayer. May I build our Lord a house in such a way that he can feel at home in me, lest my prayers be hindered.

Let us also look from Ephesians 2:22 at "the favor of his power". I am reminded in the phrase “through the Spirit”, that I cannot build him a proper house on my own. Jesus told his people when he left this world that he would send one like Himself, who was the Holy Ghost to dwell within His people. We realized we can have Him live in us or we can be filled with Him. Paul speaks in Ephesians of being filled with the Spirit and in Colossians He uses similar terms to speak of being filled with the Word of God. In order to be filled with the Spirit we must be filled with the Word.

As you and I reckon on our house we are building for God’s dwelling place, are we filled with the Spirit? I must proclaim with the songwriter and say, ‘Breathe on me, Breathe on me, O Holy Spirit breathe on me, take now my heart, cleanse every part, O Holy Spirit Breathe on me’. Let me enter into a greater together relationship with Him. As I begin to reckon upon my relationship with Him, and the house I am building, I find myself falling so short in my construction project.

By the way, how’s your building program going? Have you laid a foundation yet? The only foundation is Christ. Have you come up with some walls yet? Christ is our only hedge of protection. Have you put a roof on yet? Christ is the only protection from an unholy aerial attack. Have you begun the intricate inward work of becoming like him? Becoming one with Him is not a quick overnight project. Remember, we must build according to the code and the Word of God is our only code for building.