Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #11
Posted May 11, 2010

Ephesians 2:20


Let us ponder again our word ‘together’ used seven times in the Book of Ephesians. I remind us that the word means the gathering of two warring parties and making them one. We began looking last time at ‘The Reckoning Of Gathering Together’. The word ‘reckon’ means to inventory in the mind the value or worth of an object. What is the worth or value of being ‘one with Him’?

Today I want to look in verse 20 of Chapter Two at ‘The Reckoning Of The Foundation’. Let us look first at ‘The Construction Of The Foundation’. The phrase that we base our thoughts on is “…built upon the foundation…” The word ‘built’ means to rear or raise up a structure upon. Long before you and I raise up a house for God to dwell in we must lay a proper foundation. Let us remember that you and I, His people, are the house of God. Remember in other of Paul’s writings that he said, ‘know ye not that we are the temple of God’. The word ‘foundation’ in verse 20 means to lay a sub-structure, underground, unseen, for to support a building. We must lay a proper foundation all though no one will ever see it. In the story of the ‘Wise Man and the Foolish Man’ they had totally different foundations. One built on a rock and the other on the sand. It did not become obvious to others until the storms of life came. It seems from our text that in order to have a strong foundation we must have a strong relationship with our Bible. Paul said the foundation must be that of what the Apostles taught. This would be the teaching of the eleven plus Paul. In Acts 2 Luke said ‘they continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine’. Paul also said that the foundation must involve the teaching of the prophets. Jesus continually said, ‘As it was written by the prophets’. Oh, how we must be students of the apostles and prophets if the foundation is to be right. Dr. Al Mohler did a recent article on ‘Biblical Illiteracy’. He found that 62% of so-called Bible believers said they believed that Joan of Arc and Noah’s Ark were husband and wife. That is funny. I wonder if you would find this amusing. There was a recent Gallop poll taken among Bible believers of an average of how much time they spend in Bible reading each day. The average was three minutes per day. That, my friend, will not even create a foundation let alone a good foundation. There is a good possibility that we sit in church with many who are building on sinking sand.

Let us also look in verse 20b at ‘The Corner Of The Foundation’. Christ is called the chief corner stone. This is the middle stone in an arch that holds it together. Paul said, ‘that by Him all things consist’ or by Him all things are held together. If you have been made one with Him there should be great concern about the construction of the foundation and the building.

Remember this is not about how much you know of you denominational label, but how much you know about Him.