Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study

Week #10
Posted May 3, 2010

Ephesians 2:19-22


We have for several weeks been studying the word ‘together’ mentioned seven times in the book of Ephesians. The word means the bringing of two warring parties and making them one. We have entitled this study ‘When Two Become One’

Let us begin this week to look at Ephesians 2:19-22 and ‘The Reckoning Of Gathering Together’. In verse 21 Paul mentions a building fitly framed together and in verse 22 he mentions the church as being built together. The word ‘reckon’ means to take an inventory, take the estimate, or to think or regard or account the value of. Paul is asking us to take an inventory mentally of the value of being made one with Christ.

In verse 19 Paul deals with ‘The Reckoning Of The Fellow Citizens’. He wants us to examine the value or worth of our citizenship in heaven. He first draws our attention to the days ‘Before Our Citizenship’. Paul reminds us of two titles that describe us prior to our salvation. We were ‘strangers’. This is a title that an Old Testament Jew used to describe an outsider. It was one who was an alien to the covenant promises of God and having no hope. The word ‘stranger’ means an alien or unwelcomed guest who was nothing more than a gate dweller. The other title used by the Old Testament Jew is the term ‘foreigner’. This word means a by dweller. It is one who lived near by but could not come into the house because he was not welcome. This was the state in which God found me before my salvation. I was a stranger and foreigner to the house and things of God. Paul uses the phrase ‘no more’ to describe our present state. The phrase means no longer, henceforth, hereafter, after that, and no, no, not at all, no way. Job in his darkest hour when everyone had turned against him and treated him as a stranger and foreigner said, ‘I will see my redeemer for myself, with mine own eyes, I shall behold him and not another.’ The phrase ‘not another’ is our term for a stranger. Job said, ‘when I get there and see Him I will not be a stranger in that land.’

Oh, let us spend some time reckoning the truth of citizenship to be ours. My, what worth of value it brings to my heart.

Let us look at verse 19b and the thought ‘Because Of Our Citizenship’. Paul says we are ‘fellow citizens’. This word means the native of the same town. Because I have been made one with Christ I find that we share the same hometown. We both reside in the heavenly city. This great truth of being made one carries with it some extra perks. Paul says we are ‘saints’. The word means set apart ones who have the holy righteousness of Christ imputed to their account. I do not have to wait on the Pope to make me a saint because he is too late. Christ made me a saint when he saved my soul and made me one with Himself.

I see in verse 19 another of the extra perks is that my citizenship makes me a part of the ‘household of God’. This word ‘household’ is big. It is one thing to be from the same town but household takes it to a whole new level. The word means from the same house and family. Not only does Christ and I live in the same town we are in the same family living in the same house. He is my Kinsman Redeemer who established prior Kinship with me before time began. Because of being made one with Him my citizenship gives me the blessed privilege of wherever He is there will I be. When I reckon the value of that I find it to be out of this world.