Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #7
Posted: June 10, 2011



Let us continue our study this week of the portraits of the Trinity. These are pictures or types in the Old Testament that let us see the Trinity clearly. We are looking at the three arks in the Bible that proclaimed the completing portrait of the Trinity. These arks so magnified God's Word when Paul writes that in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and we are complete in Him.

This week I want to see in Noah’s ark our completeness is seen in the treasure of the ark. I want to study 3 treasures I find in Noah’s ark. I find first of all the treasure of perception. In Genesis 6:16 I find there is a window in the ark. The window is not in the side but in the roof. The treasure is found in the fact that when we are in the midst of a storm we will be led to look up and not around. If we look around we will do nothing but worry. If we look up we will do nothing but worship. Let us find our completeness in a walk of faith. May we set our affections on things above, turn our eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and find the things of this world grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace. Another of the treasures of perception is found in Genesis 8:8-12 and the time when the ark rested. The ark rested on Mt Ararat on the seventh month and the 17th day. The Lord could have just hit it on the 14th day that would have been the Day of Atonement, which coincides with Calvary and the cross of Christ. It happened three days later and there is that number three again which is the resurrection day. The day Christ arose from the dead and gave us the assurance of our completeness which is found in Him. Author Pink said, while studying the ark and its truths he was led to worship and was convinced that the Bible was not cunningly devised fables, but was in truth the inspired word of God.

I find also in 7:1 a treasure of protection. We find in this verse God is inside and invites Noah and his family inside the ark. This is unified protection in the fact they are now one with Christ. This is not a pleasure cruise, but 40 days in a zoo with your in-laws. I see in 7:16 God was outside the ark and shut the door giving them unsearchable protection. In 7:11, 17 God was under the ark lifting them up with the water of his Word producing upholding protection. How can God be in all places at once? I know not how, but I only know that He does.

In Genesis 9:15-18 I find the treasure of promise. There is a rainbow given. There are only three major colors in the rainbow, red, blue, and yellow. All the other colors find their origin in these three colors. There is that number three again. In 9:16 we find the rainbow was not a reminder to us but to God that there would be no condemnation to those in the ark of Christ. When does God see the rainbow? John said when he saw the Lord on His throne and there was a 360° rainbow around the throne. We have bow without arrows. I blessed the day He opened the door to His Son and led me in.