Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #3
Posted: March 28, 2011



Let us continue this week a higher study of the Three in One. God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost are the Three in One. We have been studying the creating portrait of the Trinity. We have already looked at this portrait from a couple of angles. I want to look this week at the particular exercise of the Trinity.

In Genesis 4:1-2 we find the particulars of standing. In this first family we have a father, mother, and children. They are Adam, Eve, Cain, and Able. Is it not amazing that God would stamp the number three on the first family? There are three positions in the family, father, mother, and children. Oh how Satan hates that number three. It reminds him that they are the Three in One. Satan seeks to divide the family in any way possible. Let us notice in Genesis 3:16 how Satan seeks to divide the husband and wife. In verse 16 we are told that as a part of the curse all women are born with ‘the English Bible says’ a desire to her husband. The word desire is a strong passion to manipulate a man to get him to do what you want. As a part of the curse verse 16 says that each man is born with a desire to rule over a woman. The word rule means to be a dictator over. If we put a woman in with a strong desire to manipulate a man and him with a strong desire to be a dictator in the same house it will be hell upon the earth. If one or both parties do not bow to God there will be a great division in the home. In Genesis 4:8 there is a division between the children and murder is the outcome.

We might ask what are we to do to keep parents and children together. In 4:3-4 I find the particulars of sacrifice. Adam and Eve taught their children that God only received a blood sacrifice. In Hebrews 11 Abel offered a sacrifice by faith. Faith only comes when we have been given ears to hear. Able heard and offered a blood sacrifice, but Cain heard nothing but static. We are told in Genesis 4:4 they brought it to a particular place. Many believe it was at the gate to the Garden of Eden that led to the tree of life guarded by cherubim with flaming sword. In Genesis 4:4 God had respect unto Able’s sacrifice. The word means to regard with acceptance. The sign of God's acceptance is that fire would fall and consume the sacrifice. The swords of the cherubim stopped and Able took of the tree of life, he clung to the cross and found refuge there. Cain and Abel were a picture of the lost and saved and two streams of people. One stream empties into hell and the other stream empties into heaven. What are we to do when Satan seeks to divide the number three of father, mother, and children; it is simply this, cling to the cross.

A third exercise is the particular of substitution. In 4:25-26 Satan thought he had forever divided the home, but God gave them another child by the name of Seth. His name means substitute. If the home is to be preserved it must have at its center Christ our substitute. What are we to do when Satan divides the home, cling to the cross, and put Christ at the center as our substitute? In 4:26 we find it is at this time that man begins to call on the Lord. So we see when Satan divides the home we have three things we can do; cling to the cross, place Christ in the center as our substitute, and call upon the name of the Lord. Isn't it amazing that He even gives us three things to do when division comes.