Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #17
Posted: September 10, 2012



Let us continue our study this week on the times we see the Trinity pictured together in the Bible. We are looking at the crossing portraits of the Trinity. These are the three times in the Bible when we see folks crossing over seas and the work was done by one of the members of the Godhead. We have looked at the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea and saw there that God the Father delivers us from the penalty of sin. We have looked at Joshua and the children of Israel crossing the Jordan River and saw there that God the Son delivers us from the power of sin. Let us this week look at a second crossing in II Kings 2:8-11 and Elijah's crossing of the Jordan River where we will see the picture of God the Spirit that delivers us from the presence of sin.

I want to show us first of all the mantleís picture. Elisha's servant Elijah asked that he might have a double portion of Godís Spirit on him when Elijah left this world. We know from the story that Elijah took up the mantle and found in it great power. The mantle was such a picture of the Holy Ghost filling an anointing upon one's life. Let us who have been called to preach by a divine call wrap ourselves in the mantle of the Holy Ghost, mount the pulpit, preach, and see God do great and marvelous things.

Let us look not only at the mantleís picture but the mantleís power. Elijah told Elisha if he was to know the power of this mantle he must have three things operating in his life. The first was found in II Kings 2:9: where they were crossing the Jordan River. The crossing speaks much of death to self. If we are to know the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives there must be a continual dying to self. Lord not my will, not my way, but thine be done O Lord. The second thing that must operate in order to know the power of the Spirit is found in II Kings 2:10 and it was that Elisha was to keep his eyes upon Elijah. If we are to know the power of the Holy Ghost we must turn our eyes away from all the things of this world and turn our eyes solely upon Jesus. The third thing that was to be operating is found in II Kings 2:11 and it is that Elisha must walk and talk with Elijah. If we are to know the mantelís power of the Holy Ghost we must have a continual walking and talking relationship with Christ. This will involve a strong relationship with the word and prayer. I heard of a statistic the other day that said 40% of Christians desire to know more about Jesus but do not believe a strong relationship with the Bible and prayer is the way to accomplish it.

Let us look lastly at the mantelís provision found in II Kings 2:11. Chariots of fire came and took Elijah out of the presence of this sinful world. We have the confidence that if we die to this world, look to Jesus, walk and talk with Him that one day He will deliver us by the Holy Ghost from the presence of sin.

The Bible says in Genesis that Enoch walked with God for 300 years and was not for God took him. Those who fly from this world to the other world have different names. In Russia they are called cosmonauts. In America they are called astronauts. In the spiritual realm we will be called was nots.