Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #15
Posted: November 15, 2011



Let us continue this week our study of the portraits of the Trinity. This study deals with the times in the Bible when we see clearly the three and one pictured together. The three in one are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

We have already looked at 4 other portraits and this week we will begin to look at the crossing portrait of the Trinity. There are three times in the Bible when God takes a group or an individual over a sea and through dry land. All three of these are great times of deliverance illustrating the work of one person in the Trinity. Joe Parsons said that in the Bible when there is a mention of a crossing of water it always speaks of the changing of worlds. Let us look at these three times of great deliverance.

We will begin first of all in Exodus 14:14-16 where we find God the Father delivers us from the penalty of sin. In this text I find the mention of Egypt which is a type of the world and Pharaoh a picture of the god of this world, the devil. The children of Israel were moved from Egypt and Pharaoh which are such good pictures of the world, flesh, and devil to the wilderness of testing. It is clear that Israel was in great bondage to Egypt and Pharaoh. We certainly knew of the great bondage to sin and the world before God found us and saved us from our sin.

Let us look first of all at the reason for this bondage. I find in studying the Jews flight from Egypt one of the reasons for their bondage was unbelief. They would not even believe Moses when he said ‘I am’ sent me to deliver you. They stayed in Egypt for 430 years. Jacob’s boys sold Joseph into Egypt when he was 17. He was imprisoned for 13 years and got out at age 30. When you divide 13 into 430 years we find that they were in Egypt 33 1/3 years for every year Joseph was imprisoned. We sure see a number of threes in these days of bondage. Once again the triune Godhead has stamped their number upon this bondage.

I want to look now in Genesis 14:10 and the redemption from bondage. When they were at the Red Sea the Bible says they were sore afraid. It is true of the sinner when brought under conviction of sin he is found often to be sore afraid he is going to hell. In Genesis 13:21-22 we find God led them into this state of being lost. God is in control of when, where, and how the sinner is to be saved from the penalty of sin that holds him in its bondage.

I find in Chapter 15 of Genesis the remembrance of this bondage. After God delivered them Moses and the people broke out in a song. David said in Psalms 40 that God brought them up out of the miry clay, sat his feet upon a rock, and put a new song in his heart. I wonder about folks that say they know the Lord and never sing a song. In Genesis 15:1-3 they remember the great work of redemption by the God of redemption, God the father. Gen. William Cromwell said earthly generals find strength in their troops but eternal troops find strength in their eternal general. In Genesis 15:8 the Bible simply tells us that God sneezed and the waters parted. God did nothing till they stepped into the water. When they did they saw the unbelievable and the unsearchable. The waters parted 3 miles wide and a million and 1/2 Jews crossed probably 5000 abreast. It took most of the night. He then lifted His hand and let out soft breath and Genesis 15: 10-11 tells us the sea closed drowning all of Pharaoh and his army. God the Father truly delivers us from the penalty of sin. A little boy once came home from church to a father that did not attend and when asked about the Sunday school lesson the boys said it was about the Israelites who built a bridge and crossed from Egypt to the wilderness. The father said I don't believe that was the way it happened. The boy said, ‘dad if you don't believe that, you will not believe what they really told me’.