Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #13
Posted: October 4, 2011



Let us continue our study this week of the times the Bible shows us pictures or portraits of the Trinity. They are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost who make up the three in one.

We have been looking in Genesis 18:1-3 and the three visitors that came to see Abraham under the heading of the compelling portrait of the Trinity. I pointed out to us last week a compelling promise. This week let us look at verses 10 and 17-19 and the compelling pronouncement of the Trinity.

In verse 10 I find a revelation of pronouncement. The triune Godhead sandwiches good news with bad news. The good news was a baby boy will be born to you the bad news is judgment is fixing to fall on your nephew Lot. In verse 17 God gives Abraham a heads up that judgment is coming. In verses 18-19 the Lord tells us the reason for the heads up because Abraham has obeyed Him and kept his children in the alignment of obedience. May we live in such a way that God would give us a heads up before He brings judgment upon our loved ones. Job was offering a sacrifice for his children to keep the hedge about them when God came with the word that the hedge had been lifted and judgment had fallen.

In first 20 we see the reason for the pronouncement. The Lord said we have heard the cry of one sin screaming up for our attention from Sodom. The Lord said this sin is very grievous. This phrase means exceeding, heavy, insensible, and very hideous. It seems strange that one sin has caught their eye and it is the straw that breaks the camelís back and sets in motion the falling of judgment. I wonder if the USA is involved in this sin. If she is I wonder what the sin is. Read our study next week and I will unveil the sin as it is probably not what you think.

I would draw our attention in verse 22 to the reluctance of the pronouncement. The Bible says the three have heard the cry of this sin and are going down to investigate. Please do not think that God is not all-knowing and is going to see firsthand for the first time this sin. God is a Spirit and we have only human terms to describe his all-knowing traits. In verse 22 the men turned their faces from Abraham towards Sodom. The word turn means to turn in a slow reluctant direction. God is always reluctant to bring judgment. He turned slowly in that particular direction. Let us be assured once He has turned and fixed his face upon the subject judgment will fall. I wonder where the face of judgment is in the turning process toward America.