Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #12
Posted: September 13, 2011



Let us turn our attention to the fourth portraits of the Trinity in our studies. This one is found in Genesis 18:1-3. We will study this portrait under the heading of the compelling portrait of the Trinity. One of the great works of the triune God head in the life of the believer is to compel us in one resolute direction. We see this so clearly magnified in the life of Abraham when three visitors come to visit him in our text.

Let us begin our study of this portrait by looking at a compelling promise. Let us see in verse one the arrival of the promise. The Bible says here that the Lord appeared unto Abraham. The word appeared means a coming near that brings great joy. We find in verse two that they were three visitors. The Bible again lays the number three before us. In verse three he addresses them as ‘my Lord’. The word is my master. The three are addressed with but one title. This is certainly another portrait of the three in one. I find in verse three that Abraham asked them not to pass by until they had partaken of a meal of fellowship. I wonder how often the triune God comes by and we miss a time of fellowship because we are preoccupied with other things. Fanny Crosby when sitting in a service where God was truly moving knew nothing of His presence. As she sat there she wrote the words to the great song pass me not O gentle Savior hear my feeble cry; while on others Thou are calling do not pass me by. Lord may I ever be mindful and watchful for one of your surprise visits.

In verses 9-10 may I draw our attention to the announcement of the promise. In verse nine the Bible says ‘and they said’. They spoke in unison yet it sounded as but one was speaking. I cannot help but believe the words were coming from the one in the middle. Jesus is the second person of the Trinity and He is always referred to as the Word. In verse 10 the one in the middle I believe said I will return and Sarah will have a son. Sarah is 90 years old at this time and Abraham is near 100. I thought it is interesting that preconception, prenatal exam, and presonogram the Lord told them they would have a son. This is truly the all knowing triune God head that is speaking.

In verses 11-14 we find the arguments to the promise. Sarah certainly offered some good arguments. In verse 11 she tells them that they are all old and well stricken in age. In the paraphrased words of my granddaughter Zoe, they were as old as dirt. In verse 11 B. she said her womanly cycle was ended. In verse 12 she indicates that the intimacy part of their marriage had been over for years because of age. In Genesis 11:30 we find the argument against the promise was greater than she thought. God said Sarah was barren. The word means sterile with no equipment to make a baby. The Lord's argument in Genesis 18: 14 was a far greater one when He said, is there anything too hard for the Lord? Oh how that question compels us to follow the three and one.