Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #11
Posted: August 29, 2011



Let us continue our study on the subject of the portraits of the Trinity. These are times when our Lord has pictured the Trinity by having all three Father, Son, and Holy Ghost present. We have been looking in Genesis 11:26 where the three brothers and one birth were given at the door to the faith world. It is here we have the controlling portrait of the Trinity magnified for us. I looked last time at the bounty of these three.

This week I want to draw our attention to the bounty of Abraham who is the type or picture of God the father. In Genesis 15:5-6 we see the father of the faith. God appears unto Abraham as the Almighty God. He showed Abraham the stars of the sky and sand of the sea shore and told him He would bring the family out of Abraham that would number the sky and the sand. In Hebrews 2:16 we are told that when Christ died on the cross He took upon Himself the seed of Abraham. He did not take upon Him the seed of Adam the whole human race but only Abraham's seed. Paul tells us in Romans 4:3 and 11 that Abraham is the father of the faith and all of his seed will believe.

I see in the bounty of Abraham that Abraham was called the friend of the Father. In the entire Bible over hundreds of years of history Abraham is mentioned as being the friend of the father three times. There is that number three again. In the chronicles the history book the Lord says I have given an inheritance to the seed of Abraham my friend forever. You don't get too many forever friends. I guess this would be classified as one's best friend. In Isaiah 41 the Lord says I have chosen the seed of Abraham my friend. Let us be assured that the seed of Abraham that Christ took upon himself at the cross are a part of those that believe and were surely a chosen people before the foundation of the world. In James 2:23 we are led to see that all those who believe have righteousness imputed to them and are called the friend of God like Abraham.

I see also the bounty of Abraham the fruit of the Father. In Genesis 22 we are told a family will come out of Abraham that will number the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. In the book of Revelation 7:9-10 John tells us there will assemble a group in heaven that no man can number. They will come from every tongue, kindred, and nations. They will stand before the throne of the Lord clothed in white robes and palms in their hands and cry unto the Lord ‘salvation to our God which set up on His throne and unto the Lamb’.

My Abraham, God the Father chose me before the foundation of the world. My Haran, God the Son paid the price for my sins. My Nahor, God the Holy Ghost breathed into me the breath of life and I became an eternal being. My friend that is the controlling portrait of the triune Godhead, clearly seen in the life of Abraham.