Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #10
Posted: August 12, 2011



Let us continue our study on the subject of portraits of the Trinity. These are times when our Lord pictured the Trinity by having all three clearly present. We have been looking at Genesis 11:26 and at the door of the faith world where we find one birth produces three boys. This is certainly a picture of the three in one. We have already studied the birth of these three and the becoming of these three. Today let us begin to unpack the truths of the bounty of these three.

We have already touched on the bounty of Haran the one who pictured God the son. He died before his father and a city was named in his honor. Our Haran the Lord Jesus Christ will receive his bounty of the portion which is to be His bride the Church which will be His inheritance at the conclusion of time. This week let us draw our attention to Nahor’s bounty. He is the one who pictures God the Holy Ghost. I hope you remember his name means breath or to force air into. This is clearly the work of the blessed Holy Ghost.

Let us look first of all at Nahor’s connection to the birthing line. In Genesis 22:20-23 we find Nahor had eight children birthed to him. The number eight in the Bible is always connected with the new birth or new beginnings. In John three when Nicodemus is told he must be born again the word birth is mentioned 8 times. There can be no new birth without the forced breath air of the Holy Ghost our Nahor bringing the dead sinner to life.

Let us also lay before us the thought of Nahor is the connection to the living line. The three patriarchal fathers were often mentioned as being Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They were a father, son, and grandson threesome. There is that number three again. Nahor has a living connection to all three of these men. Abraham was his brother we are told in Genesis 22:20. In Genesis 24:15 Isaacs’ wife Rebecca is the granddaughter of Nahor. In Genesis 29:5-6 Jacob’s wives Leah and Rachel are the granddaughters of Nahor. Why is this so important? In Matthew 22:32 Jesus mentions these three Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob which in the natural world had been dead for hundreds of years yet He spoke of them as being now alive. He made the statement while speaking of these three that his Father was the God of the living and not the dead. If you have been converted, Nahor our picture of the Holy Ghost has given you life eternal.

In Luke and Galatians we find Nahor is connected to the royal line. In Luke 3:34 and 38 he is in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. In Galatians 3 we are told that if we believe them we are part of Abraham seed which is Isaacs. Paul said if you are of Isaacs then you are in Christ who is the King of all kings. I have been placed in Christ before time and in time the good Holy Ghost my Nahor birthed Christ in me by breathing into me the eternal breath of God.