Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #1
Posted: February 25, 2011



Let us begin a new study today on the portraits or pictures of the Trinity. The Trinity is known as the three in one or the triune Godhead. God has left the number 3 everywhere we look. There are three heavens. Paul was caught up into the third heaven. There are three forms of authority, home, the church, and the government. For the next several weeks I want to turn our attention to some of these grand portraits of the three in one.

We will begin today in Genesis 1:1-3 and look at the creating portrait of the Trinity. It is in these opening verses of Genesis we have the individual exercise of the Trinity. In 1:1a I find an individual movement. We are told from our text, in the beginning God. The word God is the Hebrew word Elohim which has two meanings. The one is the God who makes all things from nothing. The word is also used as plural meaning gods. We know from Jewish teaching they believe there was but one God. In order for Moses to put into words the three in one he had to use the word Elohim for the many gods who are but one. The word beginning is the place of origin. This was 6000 years ago when everything began. It is not the baloney we often hear on TV that the world is billions of years old. The word created is our word for a master architect or designer. Oh what a part God the father played as the master designer and architect of all things.

Let us look in verses 2-3 at an incredible movement. In verse three the Bible says and God said. The word ‘said’ is our thought of a phonetic sound. This sound caused words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books, and libraries to come into existence. There is no communication with God without the word. In John 1:1 the Bible says, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The word in Genesis 1:3 said let there be light and there was light. The word be in this text is not to come into existence, but to make clear that it already exists. The problem I have is that in Genesis 1:16 it is the fourth day before He makes the sun, moon, and stars. Long before that Christ the word stepped out into time and there was light. He is brighter than 100 million suns. The word ‘beginning’ in John 1:1 is the person of origin. All of creation flowed out of Christ the word. We also have in Genesis 1:2 a movement of God the Holy Spirit. The word Spirit is the word for breath or wind. Many of your cults like to see Him as just a thing or influence. It is clear to me that He is a person whom we can talk to and be assured He will talk back. Genesis 1:2 said He moved across the creation. The word movement has a couple of meanings. One is the brooding of the mother bird over her eggs. The Holy Spirit brooded over the globe of the earth until life began to break forth. A very similar word is used by Job when he said; by his Spirit He garnished the heavens. The word garnish means to decorate by putting the final touches on the outward appearance. God the Holy Ghost put the final touches on creation. He put the twinkle in the stars, the blue in the sky, white, gray, and black, in the clouds. He probably put the green in the grass, blue, and green in the sea.

All of these things were done by the triune Godhead in an individual movement of creation. I was wondering, what do you think they could do if They all got together in a creative effort?