Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #8
Posted: September 28, 2010

Redeeming Love


Let us look again this week at the Song of Solomon. We are looking at this story of a redeemer’s love of the redeemed. We have chosen the theme redeeming love. Our prayer for this study is, Lord, teach me how to love you like you love me.

I want to look this week in chapter 3 and wedding love. This is the highest form of love for the redeemed. It is the anticipation that one day we shall marry our Lord Jesus Christ. This thought alone should prompt us to love Him more and keep ourselves pure. He was a king who became a Shepherd in order to woo unto Himself a bride. I think of this wedding in light of a recent song I heard which says, I can only imagine, will I dance with you Jesus, or will I praise your holy name, or will I be able to speak at all, I can only imagine.

Let us begin this week in 3: 11 and the forming of the marriage. I believe heaven is right now in wedding mode. I believe all of heaven is on the brink of a trumpet sounding, a bride being raptured out and seven years of celebration and wedding taking center stage in heaven. I see in this verse the bridegrooms’ anticipation. Solomon speaks in this verse of the day of his espousals. The word espousal means a courtship. All marriages in the Old Testament were in Middle Eastern fashion of being an arranged marriage as is so illustrated in a wife for Isaac. Abraham the father sends his servant who was a type of the Holy Ghost to find a bride for Isaac. Our courtship and marriage with Jesus was prearranged before the foundation of the world. Solomon says in this verse that the anticipation of this wedding brings to him gladness of heart. The phrase means the highest of a festive spirit. Solomon says he will wear the special crown for this occasion. Any crowns that we might receive we will cast at His feet when we crown Him Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Our bridegroom the Lord Jesus Christ is certainly anticipating our arrival there more than we are our departure from here. He wants us to come there more than we want to leave here. How will he ever convince us that to leave here will be gain and to stay loss?

It is during this courtship that He will lead us through the valley of trouble. I believe the more we see sickness, disease, and hospital beds, come upon them that are near to our heart, we will cry, Lord Come quickly. I believe the more we see families divided by anger, bitterness, and divorce we will cry, even so come quickly Lord Jesus. The more we go to the graveyard we will cry Lord, come now. Henry Law said the bitterest of trials and sorest of pain are sure tokens of his love. He will make life hard, that we may long for heaven's holy rest. I wonder what it will be like to be Mr. and Mrs. Lord Jesus Christ?