Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #7
Posted: September 15, 2010

Redeeming Love


Let us turn our attention again this week to our study of the Song of Solomon. We are looking at the book as a picture of the redeemer’s love to the redeemed. We have entitled it redeeming love. Our prayer for our study is, Lord teach me how to love you like you love me.

The last several weeks we have written on the subject of wavering love. Although our Lord's love for us never changes, our love for him changes like the seasons. I want to look this week at our last thought on the topic of wavering love which is hopes that control wavering love. In verse 2:8 I find that she is listening for him. This is certainly a hope that will control our wavering love which is to hear a word from God. Martin Luther said, if we desire to hear God speak to us we must read the Holy Scriptures. I noticed in 2:14 as much as we like to hear from him, that he likes to hear from us. If we get into the Bible God talks to us and if we bow in prayer we talked to God. It is called Fellowship. Lord give us an ear and knees to bow and speak to you. If all you ever do is pray and never read your Bible, it is a one-sided conversation, and you're doing all the talking.

A second hope found in 3:1-4 is a looking for Him. This is not the idea of looking for Him in a second coming, but it is a seeking after Him in Fellowship. My how we need to arise each day and launch a search for our God. As the deer pants after the water brook, Lord give us a heart that pants after You. How long should I seek for Him? We must seek until we find Him. Let me assure us most of the days I launch a search for Him, I do not find His manifested presence, but the times I do keeps bringing me back for another day of looking.

In verse 3:4b there is a third hope which is loving on him. When she finds him she brought him to the place of her conception and held Him tightly and would not let him go. Oh may we on the days we hear from Him, find Him through our search, hold Him tightly and refuse to let Him go. Lord, keep bringing us into the flood of your redeeming love. Lord, we are prone to wander, waiver and leave the God we love. Lord, let us hear from you, find you, and love on you. Lord, teach us how to love you as you love us.

There was an old man that got miffed at church and stopped going. When the new pastor came to the church, he went to visit the old man. The old man invited him in and they sat by the fire place and the pastor said nothing, he just rocked in the rocker. After a while the pastor took an ember from the fire and laid it in on the hearth. It quickly cooled, smoked, and the fiery color left the ember. The pastor put the ember back in the fire and it quickly became red-hot again. The pastor stood up and headed for the door, the old man called to him and said, pastor, I'll see you Sunday. We cannot stay hot with God's love unless we stay close to the God who is love.