Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #5
Posted: August 27, 2010

Redeeming Love


Let us continue our study this week from the book of the Song of Solomon. We have taken as our theme for this book the thought of redeeming love. William Cowper after catching a glimpse of the wounded side of Christ said, ‘redeeming love has been my theme and shall be till I die’. It is my prayer for us through this study that we could say, Lord teach me to love you like you love me.

I want to look this week at Wavering Love. We have already seen that his love never wavers. Jeremiah said that God has loved us with an everlasting love. My love for him has a tendency to go up and down and waver much. I can say honestly with the songwriter, ‘I am prone to wander; prone to leave the God I love’. Songwriter also said ‘O here is my heart take it and seal it for thy courts above’.

Let us begin this week by looking at Hindrances that cause Wavering Love. God can masterfully change the scene in our lives. I notice in 2:11a there is a Winter Theme. Oh how life can change into the dark, cold, drab backdrops in but a moment. May our focus not be upon our backdrop scenes but the one who can change them. He says that the winter can quickly pass into spring. If we keep our eyes on the backdrop scenes our love will waver.

I notice that not only will Winter Themes cause wavering love, but Watching Times may cause our love to go up and down in a wavering motion. In 3:3a and 5:7a we are reminded of the watchman. It has the idea of being spiritually alert and on guard. This is a day of great temptation and sin. No wonder Jesus said, watch and pray, be on guard, lest you enter into temptation. Solomon in his old age had women to turn his heart away from the God that he so loved. They had him build them places of worship for their own gods. Let us remember old men are not always wise men and young men are not always strong men. Lord, teach me to love you like you love me and surely it will cause me to watch and pray.

Let us look at not only winter themes, watching times, that may cause our love to waver but there is also Wee Things. I use the word wee to describe the idea of little things. Solomon speaks 2:9 of walls and barriers we put up. She could not see the King clearly because of the lattice of a wall. The walls of criticism, rebellion, selfishness, discouragement, and depression can put up walls between us and our God that cause our love to waver. Preacher, what am I to do if a wall is detected? Tear it down as you built it, one brick at a time.

In 2:15 Solomon speaks of the little foxes that are known for their zig zag walk. They run under the radar and spoil the vine. My how our churches are split and homes are divided not by big things but by little things. A dear friend of mine said his pastor said some time ago, ‘my wife drives me crazy when she squeezes the tooth paste tube in the middle’. My friend leaned to his wife and said by the ugly way he said that he is headed for divorce court. Sure enough a year later their marriage was no more. Let us lean heavily in these days towards Holy Ghost management and not human manipulation. When we must be in control, it will only cause our love for God to waver. May we say in all things ‘my expectations are from the Lord’. What He sends is what I was expecting.