Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #2
Posted: July 23, 2010

Redeeming Love


Let us continue our study of the Song of Solomon with the theme of redeeming love as our back drop We began last week to look in chapter one at wonderful love. This is the honeymoon mesmerizing love. It is the love when two are so in love they feel they are the only two on the planet. May I bring before us today an introductory thought? Solomon wrote three books in the Bible which are the Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs. He wrote the Song of Solomon when he was a young man and deeply in love with our God. He wrote Proverbs in his middle age when he was wise and full of the wisdom that comes from above. In his old age he wrote Ecclesiastes. It was a book that saw all of life under the sun as being the vanity of vanities. The word means empty and of no value. It is possible to love God deeply, know him intimately, and yet die empty. Solomon after all he knew of God dies without a song or any discernment. He allowed himself to have a 1000 wives and they turned his heart away from the God of the Bible. Let us guard our honeymoon love and remember it must be constantly cultivated and maintained Lord, teach me to love you like you love me.

Let us also look this week at an introductory theme. There many themes that have been laid out over the years from this book. There is the theme of Christ and the church, a husband and wife theme, and the bride and bridegroom theme. All of these are a blessed approach to studying this book. Solomon was a king who laid aside his kingly robes and took upon himself the Shepherd's cloak. He courted a Shumite slave girl into marrying him. He did not want her to marry him because he was a king but he wanted her to fall in love with a lowly Shepherd. It is in my heart to see this from Christ's perspective. He laid aside His kingly robe and crown, took upon himself the Shepherd's attire and came to the earth to give his life for His sheep. Let us look at this book in the light of the Redeemer's love for His redeemed people. I realize I'm prone to wander and leave the God I love. I cry out to my Redeemer, here is my heart Oh, take it and seal it in Thy court above. Lord, teach me to love you like you love me.

Let me look this week lastly at an introductory truth. Our love for Him changes with the circumstances. He says His love never changes. He has loved us with an everlasting love. Spurgeon once saw a weathervane on top of a barn which read on all the points, God is love. Spurgeon asked the farmer, do you think God's love changes with the wind? The farmer said, oh sir you have read it wrong, to me it says, it matters not which way the wind blows, His love changes not. Jesus loves me when I am good, when I do the things I should. Jesus loves me when I am bad, though it makes him very sad. May his love for me provoke me to cry out in prayer Lord, teach me how to love you like you love me.