Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #16
Posted: February 11, 2011

Redeeming Love


Let us try this week to bring our study of the Song of Solomon to a close. This is our 16th study using the theme of redeeming love from the Song of Solomon. Our prayer has been Lord teach me how to love you like you loved me.

We have been looking at a section I have entitled working love. We have studied already the confrontation and consideration of working love. This week let us look in chapter 6 and study the continuance of working love. In an earthly marriage we always look for something to keep the spark in the romance. It is not much different in our spiritual relationship with Christ our husband to be. I see in six: 4a there is a changeless continuance. He continues to use adjectives like beautiful and the title of ‘O my love’ to describe her. How our intimate fellowship through prayer and Bible study keeps a changeless spark of continuance in our eternal relationship. In 6:5 I see a comforting continuance. He asked her not to look at him for her look overcomes him. The word overcome has the idea of getting your way. In 6:4, 10, and 13 I find a consecration continuance when he says of her she is like the banner of two armies. The banner speaks of great victory. The text tells us that when we are madly in love with Christ we as the church is an army to be reckoned with. Our enemies must bow.

Let us also look at chapter 7 and 8 at the conclusion of working love. In 8:2-3 we see the leading of conclusion. She is being led by him and finds great rest in his arms. O love that will not let me go I rest my weary soul in Thee. In verse three we find them in somewhat of a dancing position. Do remember if you're going to dance with the Lord, He must lead. If you try to lead He will step on your toes. I see in 8:5 the leaning conclusion. She is leaning upon his arm. If there is to be closeness of love with him there will be much leaning. Song says it well when it says, learning to lean, learning to lean, I am learning to lean on Jesus. I need more power than I ever dreamed and I'm learning to lean on Jesus. In 7:8 and 8:6-7 I find the learning conclusion. We find in 8: 6-7 that he has set a seal of ownership upon her and she feels she would give all her house for his love. I noticed in the text there is a progression to this conclusion. We will find ourselves at times somewhere in this progression. In 2:16 she says it is me and Jesus. I remember when I had but a shallow relationship when I was first saved and fitted him in when I could. In 63 the progression changes to Jesus and me. I certainly remember the days when I thought he wanted first-place and I sought to give him such a place. I did not know He wanted all the places. In 7:10 we find the ultimate conclusion of leaning and it is just Jesus and no me. O may we find it so in this life that Christ is not only all I need, or all I have, but all I want. May I say with the songwriter I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene and wonder how He could love me a sinner condemned unclean. If all the oceans were ink it would drain them dry if we sought to write all of His love. May I ever say, redeeming love has been my theme and shall be till I die? Please Lord; teach me to love you like you loved me.