Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #15
Posted: February 1, 2011

Redeeming Love


Let us continue in our concluding thoughts from the Song of Solomon. We have used as our theme the thought of redeeming love. Our aim or prayer has been Lord teach me how to love you like you love me.

We are studying from chapter five the subject of a working love. If God has worked the love of God in our hearts by the Holy Ghost the next step would be to work that love out. We have found in order for this working out to happen there must be confrontation of working love. This week let us see this working love will involve the consideration of working love. Oh how often in this walk of life our love for Him can grow cold, lukewarm, and distant in our relationship with Him. The Bible says that God is love. We could also say that love is God. Christ is the highest display of God's love. In I Corinthians 13 the great love chapter we could very naturally replace the word love with the word Christ and it would still read the same. If our love for Christ grows cold let us follow Solomon’s advice and consider Christ, study Christ, and draw nigh to Christ. What about Christ should I consider?

Let us look in the Song of Solomon 5:9-11 and consider His frame. She begins to look at his frame. In verse 11 she looks at His head, verse 12 she looked at His eyes, verse 13 she looks at His cheeks, in verse 14 she looks at His hands, in verse 15 she looks at His legs, in verse 16 she looks at His mouth. While looking at His frame she comes to some great concluding considerations. In verse 10 she says of Him that He is the chiefest among ten thousand. The phrase ten thousand is a phrase of slang you might use if someone spills something on the floor and we might say you've got it all over the floor. It is used in the Revelation to tell of a myriad or sea of an infinite number of people. When the word chiefest is used with the phrase ten thousand she says, put Him in an ocean of people and I will pick Him out of a crowd, I would know His frame anywhere.

She also makes this consideration in 5: 16 when she says of Him that He is all together lovely. The phrase describes one who is knock dead gorgeous. This kind of beauty causes one in this world to be reluctant to draw nigh to one with this kind of beauty. This beauty in Him gives us a great desire to draw up close to Him and worship Him in spirit and in truth. Henry Law the great preacher of yesterday said, “no one can tread the world beneath their feet until they see a fairer world above. When the Lord is set before you, your eyes are dim to lower objects, the beauty of the all together lovely one makes other loveliness unlovely.”

In this consideration of working love I find we should consider His friendship in 5:16. If we are to know Him intimately we must know Him as a friend. I am not just a servant, or a friend, but I am now my Lord’s wife to be. There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus, no not one, no not one.

In this consideration process let us consider His familiarity in 6:1-3. I find when we seek Him it will cause others around us to seek Him. The only way we can find Him is to seek Him with our whole heart. Let us be careful in leaving places where we have found the presence of the Lord. Let me hang around the places that I am familiar with the fact I have found Him there before. Oh how folks leave churches where they have found the Lord, worship the Lord, and had the Lord speak to them, this is quite foolish. Let me find myself spending much time in the places where I have sought Him and found Him to be all together lovely, yea the chief among ten thousands.