Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #13
Posted: December 16, 2010

Redeeming Love


Let us continue our study this week of the Song of Solomon under the theme of redeeming love. It has been our thrust and prayer for the Lord to teach us to love Him like He loves us.

We continue in chapter 4 looking at worshiping love. Last week we looked at worshiping promoters. This week let us begin in 4:6 and look at worshiping perception. In 4:6a we find a future perception in the phrase until the daybreak and the shadows flee away. We are here reminded that our marriage to Christ will take place in the land of endless day. We are told there will be no shadows there. This tells us there will only be pure light in this land. The Son will be the light in this land of continual day. There are no calendars in this land. No one will say I'll see you tomorrow or what are you doing next week. It is the land of endless day. There are no clocks in this blessed land. No one will say wait a minute or just a second. We will not be controlled by time in this land of forever.

In verse16b we find the presenting perception. In this place of endless day there is reference to the Mount of Myrrh and Hill of Frankincense. Both of these oils are placed on a living sacrifice before it is presented to the Lord. Paul says in Romans 12 that I need to present my body as a living sacrifice. He also says in I Corinthians that he will gladly spend and be spent for the Lord. He says in Philippians not to count my life dear unto myself. In this land of endless day there will be the complete end to my thoughts, feelings, and doings. I will be consumed with none but Christ my husband. Let us be found mortifying the deeds of the flesh in preparation of this blessed occasion when I will be forever filled with His goodness and lost in His love.

Let us also look this week at 4:9 and the worshiping pleasures. I see in the text some pleasurable names. He calls her my sister and my spouse. He claims her as his sister. This is not a title of one having the same parents, but it is a spiritual term of one who is redeemed because there has been the establishment of a prior kinship. He would be called that Kinsman redeemer. Our Lord establishes kinship with His people before the foundation of the world, when the Father placed a people in the Son

In 4:9 I see also a pleasurable nature. He says that the bride had ravished his heart. He says she did it with one of her eyes. This phrase speaks of the Dove’s singular vision. The bridegroom says when you look at me it makes my heart flutter and skip a beat. Oh, may we have eyes only for Christ our dear husband to be.

I am reminded of the lady who came as a sinner in Luke seven and broke an alabaster box of ointment and poured it upon the Lord. She washed his feet with her tears, dried them with her hair, and smothered His feet with kisses. The word worship means to bow while throwing kisses, blowing kisses or smothering with kisses. The people who witnessed this occasion were enraged, because of the waste of the alabaster box. Our Lord told the story of a man who forgave two people of a debit. One was a very small debt the other a very large debt. He said, whom do you think would love him more? They quickly said the one who was forgiven much. Our Lord said this is why she has come with the alabaster box, she has been forgiven much. Does our worship and the emotion of it show how much we have been forgiven?