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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #92
Posted: August 18, 2006

PSALM 25:12-14

We turn our attention again this week to Psalm 25.  We have learned that this Psalm is as much a prayer book as a hymnbook.  Many of the Christian songs of today would be hard pressed to be made into a prayer.  I don’t think we could pray ‘Momma’s In Heaven Teaching Angels How To Pray’

In verses 1-7 there was a ‘Prayer For Remembrance’.  In verse 11 we find a ‘Prayer For Remission’, and in between these prayers, a ‘Pondering For Renewal’.  David took some time and meditated upon the Lord.  Now in verses 12-14 David meditates again on a section I call a ‘Principle Of Reminder’.  The text says, What man is he that feareth the LORD? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose. His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth. The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him’ and he will shew them his covenant.”

As David ponders the ‘Principles of Reminding’ we see there is first of all ‘The Principle of a Practice’.  This section begins with a question.  I feel the question is one of self-examination about fearing God.  Solomon said that the fear of the LORD was the beginning of wisdom.  Education without God at its center is the wisdom of fools.  Does this fear mean we are afraid of God?  When we think of the LORD do we tremble and our knees knock?  Oh no!  The word ‘fear’ in our text means a reverential awe and to hold in the place of highest regard.  To fear the LORD means we have placed Him at the center of our lives and all revolves around Him.  We can truly say, ‘Christ is in the Midst’.  The one who fears God need never fear man.

We now see David pondering ‘The Principle of Providence’. The one who fears God, will be taught by the LORD in the way that he should go.  The word ‘teach’ has the idea of to place into the mind.  The LORD sanctifies and enlightens the mind of those who fear Him.  “If we make our will, God’s will, God will let us have our way.” (Spurgeon)  Our Lord providentially arranges the steps and stops of a righteous man. (A man who fears God)

David, in verse 13, ponders ‘The Principle of Peace’.  The one who fears the LORD will dwell at ease.  The word ‘dwell’ has the idea of a permanent habitation.  The word ‘ease’ means to tarry in the midst of good things.  In light of this promise let us not do less than fear the LORD.

In verse 13 David ponders ‘The Principle of Parenting’.  The seed of those who fear the LORD will inherit the earth.  The LORD often blesses the children because of the godly parents.  Isaac was blessed because of Abraham’s walk of righteousness.  Jacob was blessed because of Isaac’s righteousness.  Let our children be assured of the hopes of the LORD’S blessing because we have walked with the Lord.  Let us not sow the seeds of unrighteousness to be later reaped by those we have parented.

David in verse 14 says God reveals His secret to those that fear Him.  When God shows us His secrets we find there His heart and Himself.  The one who knows His secret is the one who knows the Spirit of God.  Paul said the Spirit searches the deep secret things of God. 

The Lord will reveal His covenant to those who fear Him.  His covenant is the unchanging promises of God.  When we walk with God in reverential fear we can be assured of knowing the mind of God.

Oh, how prayer turns our hearts to ponder the God of the Bible.  Let us pray and then stand in awe of ‘Him Who Is the King of All Kings’, The LORD of All Lord’s, and The God of All God’s.