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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #85
Posted: June 9, 2006

PSALM 23:6

We bring to a close our last study of Psalm 23, which we entitled ‘David’s Journal’.  David has recorded the high points of his days spent with the heavenly Shepherd.  In verse 1 we found ‘The Revealing Days’, verse 2 ‘The Resting Days’, verse 3 ‘The Restoring Days’, verse 4 ‘The Renewing Days’, and verse 5 ‘The Rejoicing Days’.  We see in verse 6 ‘The Refreshing Days’ from his journal.

David said in verse 6, Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”  Let me call to our attention four little simple truths about God’s ‘Refreshing’ work in the life of David.  We are first confronted with “The Definition of Refreshing’ by the word “Surely…”  David mentions here an indisputable and encouraging fact.  It is so true that He puts heavens seal of ‘Surely’ upon it.  The word ‘surely’ means only, certainly, with great surety, and firmly fixed.  You can take this to the bank of heaven. It is cashable.  For every child of God who can say of Christ, ‘He is my Shepherd’ has the confidence of this sure promise.  O, how refreshing a breeze that comes from this truth.

Let us look next at ‘The Days of Refreshment’.  David tells us that two things followed him.  The old timers called them the Sheep Dogs of the Shepherd.  Their names were ‘goodness’ and ‘mercy’.  The word ‘goodness’ is connected with the supply of all our needs.  When Moses asked for God to show him His glory, God caused His goodness to pass before Moses.  After a life of great tragedy David said, “It is good for me to have been afflicted.”  Even the dark days that chase us through this life, when we look back, will be seen as nothing but goodness.  Thank you Lord for the Sheep Dog of goodness.

The other Sheep Dog was ‘mercy’.  Mercy is God withholding from us what we deserve.  It is connected with His blotting out all (past, present, future) our sins.  When we look at the mercy we have made in our flesh how refreshing is the Sheep Dog of mercy.

Let us now look at ‘The Days of Refreshment’.  David said, “…shall follow me all the days of my life:” The word ‘follow’ means to chase or run after.  The word ‘all’ means everyone without exception.  David says in the sweet days of spiritual springtime and the time of spiritual winter, goodness and mercy were chasing after him.  O, what a comfort to our hearts in the winter season of our individual life or the collective life of the church to know of goodness and mercy following after us.

Let us draw our attention lastly to ‘The Dwelling of Refreshment’.  David said, “…and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”  The word ‘dwell’ means to remain or continue in a settled position.  We are told we will dwell in the house of the LORD.  We are often fascinated with John’s thought about our mansion.  In that text of John 14 we are told that ‘in my Father’s house are many mansions.’  All of our mansions will be in His house.  Let me be overwhelmed with the ‘Big House’ more than my mansion.

David said, ‘we will dwell their forever’.  How long is that?  If a bird was to decide to move the earth one peck at a time to another planet, the flight taking a million years each way, when he finished it would still be breakfast time at His house.  Thank you Lord for the high points of ‘David’s Journal’ in your Word.  O, how refreshing!