Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #236
Posted: September 17, 2012

PSALM 67:37


Let us again turn our attention of study to Psalm 67 where we have already dealt in verses 1-2 with a call to missions. It is interesting to me that the Psalmist would deal with the call to missions before verses 3-7 where he will deal with a cameo of the millennium.

I do not for a moment feel I have all the answers to the millennial earthly reign of Christ. I do feel there will come a day when there will be major changes to the Earth, its inhabitants, and Christ will be the center of attention. Christ will be in the midst and the only hope of glory.

Look with me at verses 3-4 where we find the dawn of the millennium. In our text we are told there will come a day when all the people of all the nations will praise Him, be glad for Him, and sing unto Him. I do not know of a time in history when this has been true. We are told in verse 4 that all of this will transpire upon the earth. The word praise means to throw up the hands while giving words of thankfulness. The word glad means to be full of cheer, joy, and make merry in public. The phrase ‘sing for joy’ means to sing aloud with triumph. I cannot imagine a day when this will happen over all the earth. One of the reasons for this we are told in verse 4 is because the Lord will judge righteously, which means to vindicate the Saints and punish the sinners. We are told also the reason for national worship is that He will govern or be the sovereign over all the earth in a visible way.

Let us also look in verses 5-6 at the daytime of millennium. In verse 5 we have a repeat of verse 3 to remind us that untold praise to our Lord will be the central theme of this earthly golden age. Instead of assembling ourselves to elect a president we will turn our eyes toward the King of Kings. He will need no vote from us for He will rule over all. Instead of assembling ourselves for war we will assemble for Bible conference meetings of praise unto our King. Instead of taking trips to the beach or mountains we will long to see the land where our King first walked upon the earth. I am reminded as we look at verse 6 that our Lord promised us that He would inhabit the praise of His people. We are told in verse 6 that the earth shall yield her increase. The word increase means to flow with abundance. Since the fall of Adam the Earth has been cursed and only small portions have been given a harvest but during this time the whole earth will flow with a gracious abundance. I am told in verse 6 that we will see the sovereign King the Lord Himself as being our personal God for He will bless us individually. The word blessed means to stoop down with abundance. I cannot imagine a time upon the earth when God has stooped to all the inhabitants as individuals and given us an abundant harvest.

Let us look lastly at Psalm 67 and verse 7 and the Daystar of the millennium. In this great day of praise and sovereign rule of all the earth verse 7 tells us that there is a star that will arise and steal the show. We are told the whole earth will fear the Lord. The word fear means to reverence and hold in the highest regard. The pronoun used for HIM in the Hebrew is the word Otho of which is composed of the first and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. John said in revelation that Jesus was the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end of the Greek alphabet. The star of this golden age upon the earth will be our sovereign the one who said He was, He is, and He is the one to come.