Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #235
Posted: September 10, 2012

PSALM 67:2


Let us again turn our attention to the study of Psalm 67 under the heading of a call to missions. We are looking at the subject of the call under three headings which are the prayer, the praise, and the production.

I want to continue our study of the prayer from verse two. The psalmist’s prayer in verse 2a for the direction to be known is seen in the phrase that ‘thy way may be known upon the earth’. It is extremely important that we make the way known to all that are upon the earth. Why do you say it is so important? One of the reasons is that there is only one way. Jesus said I am the way. When one puts ‘the’ in front of the word ‘way’ it indicates that there are not many ways but only one.

Our God has certainly been good to the church of His people. Let us go forth and tell it to all the earth. Spurgeon said one of the greatest foes of the world today is an ignorance of who God is. We are raising up a generation who knows not God. I heard this story read recently at my home church of a couple who went to a large chain store in search of a Nativity scene during the Christmas season. She asked two college-age boys who were stocking where the Nativity scenes were. One did not know what they were and the other one said it is that Shepherd scene around that baby. The other boy said its foolish how people think that Christmas began with that scene. Christmas did begin with that scene did it not? That story was not lived out in a dark heathen land but here in the good old USA.

The text also says ‘let thy saving health be among all nations’. The faith healers would love for us to think this verse finds its meaning to be physical healing but it clearly speaks of salvation when the whole person is healed for all eternity.

Let us be assured that the world's desire will not be to know our Jesus. When our God communicated salvation to us in the person of His Son Paul said He commanded the light to shine out of darkness in our hearts. He literally stepped inside of us and said ‘let there be light’. He enthroned Himself in the person of His son in us who is the light of the entire world. It is our obligation as His people to go to all the world and shine the light of the gospel. Before our Lord returns may the knowledge of Him shine in every nation like ten billion suns? In this call to the missions the prayer is bigger than to let our little light shine. May we realize that this is the light big enough to light the city where a people who no man can number will live forever.