Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #234
Posted: August 28, 2012

PSALM 67:1


Let us begin this week a new Psalm which is Psalm 67. The title is to the chief musician on Neginoth. The phrase to the chief musician tells us this was to be sung in public worship. The word Neginoth means the Psalm is to be sung while accompanied with the stringed instruments. All Psalms are not sung but this one is both a Psalm and the song which makes it a great instrument to create worship.

I have chosen the theme for our study of a call to missions. The call seems to come during the time of the days prior to the earthly reign of Christ. I desire to look at three things from this Psalm and they are ‘the prayer’ in verses 1-2 ‘the praise’ in verses 3-5 and ‘the production’ in verses 6-7.

Let us look today at verse one and the prayer in this call to missions. Many say of those who have a strong belief in sovereignty that they do not believe in missions. The greatest missionary to leave this country and go on a lifelong mission work to Burma, India (Adoniram Judson) was a strong believer in the sovereignty of God.

In this prayer the Psalmist offers three petitions. These three petitions are the benediction prayer offered by the high priest in Numbers 6: 24-25. The first petition is God be merciful unto us. What greater missionary prayer is there to put before others in a dark hour then to pray that God would have mercy on us? Mercy is God withholding from you and I what we deserve. I'm drawn to the word merciful which indicates to us that Christ is full of mercy. David says in Psalms 103 that His mercy is higher than the heavens are above the earth and so great is His mercy towards us.

The second petition is God bless us. When we bless God it carries but little weight for it is often for the most part nothing more than words. When He blesses us it is rich with gifts and deeds. It is very obvious to one of God's people when they have been blessed. The word blessed means happy and it is the Old Testament name Asher. It is often found in the Bible when God blesses us in the plural. It then has the meaning of happy, happy, and happy. I can surely say when God has truly blessed me it has caused me to be elated with happiness.

The third petition of this prayer is very interesting and it is God, cause your face to shine upon us. In the prayer thus far the Psalmist has asked God to do something for him but here he will ask for the Lord to let His face shine upon me. When the face of the Lord shines upon an individual in the Bible as was done for Moses, he was shown clearly the way of God. When our Lord shines His face upon His people they will know His way, His plan, and His secrets. If there has ever been a time in our national history or my individual history that we needed the face of God to shine on us it is now. My prayer today would be, come, Lord Jesus and cause your face to shine on me.