Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #231
Posted: October 4, 2011

PSALM 66:8-12


Let us continue our study this week of Psalm 66 where we have the great invitation to come unto Him. I will deal this week with verses 8-13 where there is an invitation to come ye afflicted and trust Him.

In verse 11, the center of this text, we find the phrase; ‘thou hast laid this affliction upon our loins’. In the surrounding verses our Lord mentioned several things about the afflicted. I see in verse eight the praise of the afflicted. The word afflicted in our text is only used this one time in the Bible and it means to be pressured with distress. In the midst of this affliction the Lord wanted them to come to Him with praise. The word praise means words of laudations, to sing a hymn, or to be clamorously foolish in public. If we're going to make it through our times of pressing distress our Lord suggests we praise our way through them. This tells us to let our voice of praise be heard when we are in the darkest of times. We who have been first visited with Calvary's love should be the first to give him praise. The verse says ‘Oh bless our God’. The word bless is an act of kneeling while giving Him praise. Our Lord is drawn to humility. Oh come ye afflicted and trust in Him.

In verses 9 and 12b I find the place of the afflicted. In verse nine we are told that our God holds the soul of our life even in the times of affliction. We need not fear the affliction to kill us, for He who gave us life is the only one who can take it away. Samuel's mother prayed that ‘He makes alive and takes down to the grave’. In this place of affliction verse nine tells us it is much bigger than keeping us alive. The text says He will not suffer our foot to slip. Satan in trying to put us to death finds that not only can he not do that he cannot even cause us to trip up. In verses 12b we find this place is a wealthy place that our God will bring us into. The word wealthy means to saturate with satisfaction. All of this is certainly grounds for us to come to Him with trust and praise.

In verse 10 and 12a I find the proof of the afflicted. The word prove in verse 10 means test or examine as silver is tried. We put silver in the fire to take away from it the dross and make it pure silver without mixture. In making us like Him our Lord will put us through the fires of great afflictions. He says in verse 12 the enemy has ridden over his head. We as God's people are put under the authority of so many of the wicked but Oh let us come and trust Him. In verse 12 He says we will be taken through fire and water. I am reminded of the songwriter who said ‘In shady green pastures so rich and so sweet God leads His dear children along. Some through the waters, some through the floods, some through the fire, but all through the blood; some through great sorrows, but God gives a song, in the night seasons and all the daylong’. In my times of affliction may I come and trust none but Him.