Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #228
Posted: August 12, 2011

PSALM 65:9-13


Let us this week look at one last thought from Psalm 65 under the title of a harvest like none other. I want to unpack the truths of verses 9-13 with the theme of completeness in God. In this last section David really brings to our thoughts the earthly millennial reign of Christ upon the earth. It is very difficult to believe that David speaks of a present day event. It is clear to me that he speaks of something yet future. If I'm wrong please correct me but I see nowhere in history where any of these things have taken place.

Let us look in verses 9-10 at a time in history when we experience completeness in God when He will exercise control over the weather. Preacher do you not believe God has not been in control of the weather, yes I do, but it has been an exercise of destruction and not as David shows us an exercise in beautification. I noticed in verses 9-10 the word ‘Thou’ is mentioned eight times. The number eight is the number of new beginning or new birth. Certainly David speaks of a new thing happening in the earth. In verse nine our text says Thou visitest the earth. The word visit has the idea of one who has come down to transverse upon the earth. When the ending ‘est’ is added to a word, it means a continual act. We see here that God comes to the earth and dwells, and inhabits, and makes it His home for awhile.

The text speaks of abundance of rain and the rivers being flooded with enriching water. In our day when a weather front like this come it will cause erosion and destruction. In this day when the weather is control by the Lord we are told the abundance of water will enrich the earth. This word has the idea of to make green, lush, and very healthy. All of this is the exact opposite of erosion and destruction. This verb also has the ending of ‘est’ which speaks of an ongoing activity. The control of God over the weather at this time will not destroy but enrich. We are told that God's coming to the earth will prepare the corn and blessed with the springing up of an abundant harvest. The mention of corn is the provision of the most basic staple need for life. Once again the verb has the ending of ‘est’ which speaks of an ongoing activity. This will not be just corn in its season but a year-round provision of corn. The blessing of spring froth speaks of the germination of seeds. This will be a growth and harvest like none else when we enter into a completeness of God and he exercises control over the weather.

In verse 11-13 we see God will exercise control over the world. When I speak of the world I speak of creation. I see in verse 11 that God will crown the keeping of time in years with goodness. We see very little goodness about us today. In that day all will be good. We find that path of wilderness areas that have been deplorable in days gone by will come to life like a paradise. He tells us all these areas will begin to rejoice, shout, and shall joy with singing. It is hard to believe that the world of creation will take up such an activity. In Romans 8:22-23 Paul tells us that the whole creation is groaning waiting for the redemption of the earth. The word groan means to stand on the tip toes looking for the arrival of an expected guest. All creation is standing on their tip toes waiting for the creator to redeem from the curse of the earth and change it back to paradise loss. Oh what a harvest this will be, like none else in history.