Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #227
Posted: August 2, 2011

PSALM 65:5-8


Let us continue our study of Psalm 65 under the theme of a harvest like none other. We will look this week at verses 5-8 and a comprehending of God. I noticed in verse five David comprehends the Lord as our Christ. I am reminded that often our prayers are not answered in the manner of our choosing. David said the Lord sent terrible things in order to work righteousness. We have found this truth clearly in prayer for a family member to be brought closer to the Lord. Little did we know that God would answer by taking all that he had? David cries out O God of our salvation. We are told that he must be the confidence of all from the Earth to the sea. Our Lord must be trusted as much by the house wife as the sailor sailing over troubled seas. The word salvation is the word deliverer or the Christ.

In verse six David comprehends the Lord as creator. I am reminded in this verse that the Lord is girded with power. The phrase has the idea that He is wrapped in all power. David mentions that through this strength and power He has placed the mountains in a fixed position. If he has done that for rocks, what will he do if I've but laid my plans, projects, and laborers before him? The children's song says it so clearly when it says I am weak but Thou art mighty.

In verse seven David comprehends the Lord as comforter. David uses the word ‘stillest’ in relationship to the noise of the sea and waves. The word still means a soft breath. The Bible often speaks of the Holy Ghost, a comforter, as a soft breath that blows. Paul said to Timothy when they read the execution orders no man stood with him, but he said the Lord strengthened me. The word strengthened is our word for a light breeze that blows. Paul said no one was there, but I felt a soft breeze blow over me and the good comforter assured me of His presence. This verse reminds me so much of the disciples when they were in a boat out on the stormy sea. The Lord was asleep in the rear of the boat on a pillow. They awake the Lord and said ‘carest thou not that we perish’. When our Lord the comforter is on board our ship we cannot sink. The Lord stood on the bow of the boat and spoke to the sea the word, peace, be still. The word peace is our gesture of shhhh. The phrase be still is our thought of cut it. Oh how our Lord can step out on the bow of our troubles, speak, and it shall be calm. I thank you Lord for being my comforter.

In verse eight David comprehends the Lord as the controller. He here speaks of the tokens of God's presence. When we see tsunamis, tornadoes, and hurricanes they are but tokens of God as the controller. When these tokens come even the wicked will tremble and be afraid. David said God’s exercise of control causes the morning and evening to come. When the sun arises it brings us hope and when the sun sets it should bring us Thanksgiving. Let us spend much time in our day meditating upon comprehending our God as Christ, Creator, comforter, and controller. May God give us a harvest of comprehension of our Lord. As the songwriter said, Oh what a Savior is mine.