Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #226
Posted: July 12, 2011

PSALM 65:1-4


Let us begin this week the study of a new Psalm which is Psalms 65. I would entitle this Psalm a harvest like none other. This is a Psalm written by David not only because we find it in the title, but the words are those of a man brought up in the pasture and not the palace. He deals in verses 9-13 with a great harvest, but it seems to be more of an emphasis not on the present but a future harvest. The word leads us to believe the setting is the bountiful millennial harvest age.

Let us look this week in verses 1-4 and a section I'm calling a coming to God. My coming to God has been not a one time coming but there have been multiple comings since He first drew me to Himself in July of 1968. In verse one we find in this time of coming to God that David offers a praise to God. It seems the thought here is that the praise awaited God's coming. David indicates that our praises will not come unless we have performed our vows. The word vow is our word for a promise. God cannot be adequately praised unless we do what we have promised Him we will do. Do not let the Lord come and find us with unkept Promises on the books.

This coming to God also involves a prayer unto God seen in verse two. David says, O thou that answer prayer. The word thou is a personal reference to God. The personal pronoun is used 24 times in this Psalm. David definitely had an intimate and personal relationship that led him to come to God often in prayer. David says about this coming to God that all flesh shall come to Him. We certainly know this to be future for in this day few people find any time to spend in prayer unto God.

This coming to God in verse three tells us it will involve a purging by God. David in verse three mentions two words used to describe sin and they are iniquity and transgressions. The word Iniquity means the perversity of moral evil. It is depravity at its worse. The word transgression means to step out and over God's boundary line. David said the Lord hath purged them away. The word purge means to expiate, to take away, and cancel them from the records. Oh how can we do less with our sins than bring them to the Lord? We can be assured if we bring them to Him we will leave without a record that they have ever been committed.

You see in verse four that this coming to God will involve lastly a providence of God. David tells us that we are a blessed people if we were among those that God has chosen. God has by his providence chosen a people. Paul tells us that this took place before the foundation of the world. David tells us He did not just choose them, but He caused them to come to Himself. We are given the great honor to dwell in his courts and holy Temple. We are also given the great honor of being content and satisfied with the goodness that God's house offers us. Instead of just having multiple times of coming to God, I think I will just dwell in His presence.