Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #225
Posted: June 10, 2011

PSALM 64:7-10


Let us conclude our study this week of Psalm 64 under the title I have given it of a prayer of David about the tongue. The first half of this Psalm verses 1-6 have been devoted to the misleading of the tongue. In verses 7-10 David changes the whole atmosphere with this section I will call the memorable trust.

David has expressed great sorrow about the slandering tongue, but in verse seven the whole atmosphere changes when David injects the Lord into the situation with the phrase but God. I love it when God buts in to our lives with His presence.

I call to our attention in verses 7-8 the injection of God's retribution shall be received. May I remind us of our Lord's words when He says, ‘vengeance is mine: I will repay says the Lord.’ “The righteous need not learn the art of self-defense. Their avengement is in better hands than their own."(Spurgeon)

Throughout this Psalm David's enemies have taken aim at him but now God takes aim at them. I noticed this arrow of retribution in verse seven is but one. God need not shoot multiple arrows to bring His enemies down. The text tells us the arrow will come suddenly out of nowhere, but the wound will be deadly. I am reminded of Ahab in battle when he thought that none was safer than him. God brought him down with an arrow shot at a venture or luck shot straight up in the air. God guided it in and took down wicked King Ahab. In this retribution God caused their own words to fall on their heads in verse eight. No wonder God tells us to be swift to hear and slow to speak. Let our words be but a few they might be used against us by our Lord. We are told in verse eight that all who see this retribution will flee away. Who wants to be in Pharaoh’s chariot when the Red Sea is closing in? Who wants to stand close to Herod when the worms are eating him? Lord, make your retribution to your enemies to be clear for all to see.

In verse nine I find in this memorable trust that God's remembrance will be revered. Those who have witnessed the retribution of God in verse nine will remember the Lord and hold Him up in a lofty place and revere Him in awe. Our Lord will so magnify Himself in retribution upon His enemies that others will declare it up on the mountain top. In verse 10 of this memorable trust I find that God's righteousness shall reign. Because God's righteousness has prevailed over his enemies his people's faith and trust are increased. They are giving all the glory to Him and keeping none for themselves.

The story is told of the great battle of Wellington and Napoleon. The morning the battle was ended a signal came through the fog to England and all that could be read was Wellington defeated. They were in great mourning. When the fog lifted the message was seen clearly and read Wellington defeated Napoleon. The day Christ died His disciples read the message through the fog of the times and it read Christ defeated. On resurrection morning the fog lifted and the message read clearly Christ defeated Satan.