Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #223
Posted: April 29, 2011

PSALM 64:1-2


Let us begin this week a new study in Psalms 64. The title of this Psalm is to the chief musician, a Psalm of David. The Chief musician would be the one who leads worship. Let me remind those who read our study that if you direct the public music of worship at your church, it is not a light thing that you do. Let me encourage you to do several things. One thing is to pray about the songs you choose that it would match the preacher's message. The second is do not flip through the book looking for song once you arrive at church. The third is choose songs with spiritual depth, with great truths about God, and not about man. The song ‘Mommy is in Heaven Teaching Angels How to Sing’ is probably not a good choice. Angels don't need to learn to sing and Mommy really couldn't sing that well.

I would entitle this Psalm a prayer of David about the tongue. I want to look at the first two verses this week with the idea of a mediating thought. There are three words that are keys in understanding verses 1-2 that make up this mediating thought. The first word is hear used in the phrase ‘hear my voice, O God in my prayer’. The word means to listen attentively with the idea of consenting. We know from First John five that if God's hears us we have the petition of which we request. Let us be reminded that you do not always have to give a voice to your prayers. There is no record of any voiced prayer from Moses at the Red Sea and God said ‘why crieth unto me’. Charles Spurgeon said, prayers which are unheard on earth may be among the best heard in heaven. This prayer is one of desperation seen in the phrase ‘oh God’. I am more convinced than ever that our prayers only get answers when God puts an ‘O’ in them.

That second word in this mediating thought is in verse one and it is the word preserve. The phrase in the prayer is’ preserve my life’. The word preserve means to keep, guard, and fully maintain. Let us be reminded that if there is any preservation of our lives it will come from the Lord. David says he is being preserved from fear of his enemies. David’s enemies were out to bring him not just off the throne, but down to the grave. In this darkened state and through a time of prayer David had laid hold of the God who preserves. I tell the grandchildren often, what time you are afraid just trust in the Lord. You know it doesn't just work for children, the little people, but it is for big people too.

The third keyword in this mediating thought is found in verse two and it is the word hide. David was aware of two undercover operations in his kingdom. One was by Absalom of the Conspiracy of Insurrection. The Other One Was by Athiophel the counsel of rebellion. David’s only thought was to pray Lord, hide me from what they are doing. The word hide means to conceal, cover, to cause to look as though one is absent, because they are being kept close or placed within another. My, my, my, how our Lord has the ability to conceal His people from the enemy.