Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #222
Posted: April 18, 2011

PSALM 63:9-11


Let us continue our study this week of Psalm 63 one of the great wilderness Psalms. We have taken up as our theme my Lord knows the way through the wilderness and all I have to do is follow. We are looking at David's movement in this Psalm of from a funeral to festivities.

Let us look this week in verses 9-11 in the last section of Psalm 63. I want to see in these verses David's seeing declaration for God. In verse nine I find a declaration of their perishing. David has been hounded in his lifetime by Saul, Absalom, and Ahithophel. He now sees them all perishing in the lower parts of the earth in a place called hell. It was a dangerous thing in Davidís day to touch Godís anointed and it still is. He who touches God's anointed is putting a nail in their own coffin. Let you who freely put your mouth on your preacher be aware you might be leading the drum beat of your own funeral procession to the grave yard while your preacher is headed to festivities.

Let us look in verse 10 at a declaration of God presence. Let us remember from this verse that the battle has not been fought as of yet. This battle is summed up in I Samuel 8:8 in that the wood devoured more than the sword. Let us remember the battle is the Lords. May we bow to the God who fights all our battles? He never loses for He wins all his battles before He fights them. In 10b we find David's enemies become a portion for the foxes. It was a great shame for a Jewish person not to be buried but to be left as food for the animals. It is very possible that he perceived his son as someone who never had a proper burial, but was left for the animals to devour. Do remember Ahab and Jezebel were unburied, unhonored, and were meat for the animals of the woods. My how God makes it clear when He brings His retributive judgment upon His enemies. It seems to David that this rebellious uprising was so great it could not be put down, but when he thought of the fact that God was still upon the throne all of the enemies of God must bow

Let us look lastly in verse 11 at a declaration of David's position. Let us notice in 11a God began Davidís festivities. David is rejoicing, praising and, giving thanks unto the God of heaven. His enemies are attending their own funeral which involved the wild animals eating their body. Notice David says of those who have spoken lies against him that they shall be stopped. They fade while David flourishes. Notice the great comparison of the mouth of those who praise God and those who tell lies. The mouth of those who give Him praise shall never find end. They shall praise Him while the ages roll. Those who have told lies shall be stopped, because all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire.