Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #221
Posted: March 28, 2011

PSALM 63:4-8


Let us again look at this wilderness Psalm 63. It is here we are reminded of the great truth of my Lord knows the way through the wilderness all I have to do is follow. I have entitled this Psalm, From a Funeral to Festivities. David is fleeing from Absalom who is taking his throne. Absalom is probably planning his daddy's funeral but God is planning festivities. We have noticed one of the turning points was David's strong desire after God.

This week let us look at verses 4-8 and David's stabled devotions to God. In a time of a wilderness walk our devotion to God is the only thing that will bring about stability in times of turbulent trouble. I want us to see first of all in verse four a devoted service. He speaks in this wilderness of blessing the Lord. The word bless used here is our word praise. David says in this praise I will lift up my hands unto your name. I have found in my study the hand's are lifted up for two reasons in the Bible, when one is offering a prayer or praise unto God indicating the hands are clean and empty, the other is when the hands are used in service unto God. The only hand God has in the world to do His work is our hands. Let us remember idle hands are the devil work shop. May our hands always be either lifted up or out to others. Let our hands never hang down in His holy presence.

Let us see in verse five a devoted satisfaction. David is not able to go to the temple for worship, but begins to ponder upon the Lord. His soul is satisfied with the marrow and fatness of God. There is nothing like that blackened fat around a juicy steak off the grill. David said that my soul is satisfied like that with God. Because of this satisfaction David opens his mouth in praise to the Lord. David has left behind all that can be seen with the human eye, but not what can be seen with the heartís eye. That which he sees with his heartís eye causes him to lift up loud words of adoration unto the Lord. I wonder if the reason we never praise Him is because we are consumed with what we can see and we have never caught a glimpse of what we can't see.

In verses 6-7 I find another thought that leads David from a funeral to festivities and that is a devoted sanctuary. It seems the wilderness will not allow David to sleep. He begins to remember the Lord and thinks upon Him. He turns his bed out under the stars into a sanctuary of worship. If the Lord wakes us at night let us not count sheep or waste our time with empty worrying, but let us worship. David begins to muse upon all the help that God has brought to him in days gone by. When he does he finds himself hiding under the shadow and sanctuary of Godís wings. The songwriter said it best when he said, under his wings I am safely abiding though the night deepens and the tempests are wild. Under his wings who from his love can sever? Under His wings my soul shall abide, safely abide forever. It seems like David is moving from funeral plans to festivities.

I see in verse eight there is a devoted soul. David has come to some conclusions in this night of wilderness wandering. One is my soul is following hard after Thee. The phrase follow hard means to pant after and stretch out with all of oneís might in pursuit of someone. David notices while pursuing that it seems to be effortless because he is being up held by the hand God. Is not that the unseen hand that leads through ways I cannot see?