Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #219
Posted: February 25, 2011

PSALM 62:8-12


Let us conclude our study this week of Psalm 62. It was written during the rebellion of Absalom. The key words truly, only, and surely are translated into English as the word alone. We have taken as our theme God alone. We have looked already at security in God alone and soldiering with God alone. Today let us turn our attention to verses 8-12 and see submitting to God alone.

Much of our Christian life is spent in coming to a crisis where we must bow in submission to the Lord. Let us look first this week in verses 8-10 at submission that is always received. I find in this text the time of trust. The word trust used here means to hide in another as a refuge, to put our total confidence in, to find our security in, and to be totally sure in but one. At what times should a person put this kind of trust in God? David said to trust in Him at all times. Proverbs 3:5-6 have become my wife and my life verses. These verses say to trust Him and not lean to our own understanding. I find from these verses that if I do not trust Him I am leaning and trusting in my own ability. I read recently of one who is teaching on the life of Joseph, they said he never panics but always trusted. May we never panic, but only trust. Oh how much of life screams for us to panic, but God whispers only trust me, only trust me, only trust me now. I see also in our text the tears of trust. David tells us to pour out our heart before Him. I am reminded of the lady who touched the hem of His garment. Scripture tells us that she told him all that had happened to her. Oh how refreshing it is to weep before Him in trust and just unburden our heart while casting all our cares upon Him. Let us look also at the treasure from our trust. When we come to Him at all times and pour out our heart to Him we will find that He is a present help in time of trouble, and that my friend is a great treasure.

Let us look in verses 9-10 at submission that is always rejected. We must look at and be very concerned about the object of our trust. In verse nine we are warned not to put our trust in people. They have trusted in man simply because the majority of people have followed Absalom. God said to David that their trust was in vain. The word vanity used here is breath as hot-air. That is all you get when you trust people over Him is a bunch of hot air. In verse 10 He warns us about trusting in power. These were powerful men that have followed Absalom. They were seasoned army captains, but God said their power is vain when compared to mine. In verse 10b God warns them about trusting in possession. Absalom had promised the people part of the spoil when David fell. God said; even when riches increase do not set your heart upon them.

In verse 11a I find submission that is always right. I find this submission in verse 11b is always based on God's Word. He made the statement that God hath spoken once, twice, and we have heard Him. David is told by God it matters not what Absalom says, but listen to me. It matters not my friend what the circumstances are saying, submit to God, listen to what His word is saying to you. I find in verse 12 a submission that is right is always based on God's way. Let us be assured God is merciful to His people no matter what our circumstances God will do right. That my friend is a God I can trust and submit to with all my heart.