Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #218
Posted: February 11, 2011

PSALM 62:5-8


Let us continue our study of Psalm 62 which was probably written during Absalom’s rebellion. We have been drawn to three words in the text which are truly, only, and surely. These words give us our theme. All these words are translated as the word alone. We are using the theme in our study of God alone.

I want to look this week at soldiering with God alone. I will begin in verse five with the thought of strange soldiering. Most soldiers when a battle is about to happen will be busy planning their strategy of offense, but not David. In a time when most would be very busy we find him very passive. In- activity would seem like a bad position to take up in wartime. Somebody will say, do something even if it's wrong. This old verse comes forth from a song which says, be still my soul; thy God doth undertake to guide the future as He has the past. The Bible says, be still and know that He is God. Am I to understand from this thought that I cannot know God unless I get still? I have accomplished so much more for the Lord by doing nothing than I ever did by doing something. I had a dear preacher tell me one day at a lunch table that he didn’t agree with my preaching. He said ‘you're just too passive to suit me’. Several years later I heard he had a nervous breakdown from worrying too much. In verse five I see the strange soldiering with the idea of learning that my expectations are from the Lord. What does this mean? Simply this, whatever the Lord sends that is what I was expecting. You will never be disappointed if what comes in your life is what you were expecting.

Let us look in verse six at a sure soldiering. David here begins to pile up the adjectives to describe this sure place in God's Army. David says of the Lord that He is my only rock. The verb is present in tense and my is a personal possession. The word rock is a word of a sure footing or foundation. The word only is the word that catches my eye. It is the word alone. God alone is my sure footing and foundation. The songwriter says I dare not trust the sweetest frame but only lean on Jesus name. On Christ the solid rock I stand all the other grounds are sinking sand. I have seen some sweet frames of position and money to lean on in my lifetime, but I dare not. Let us run to a sure foundation. I see David says of God He is my salvation. The word means the deliverer or one who deliverers. My, just think we have one who specializes in delivering His people while they are being still. David also says of the Lord in His place He is my defense. The phrase means one who encamps about and gives protection. David says also I shall not be moved. The phrase gives the idea of not in the least degree shall I be moved. Oh how David’s faith and surety continues to grow on this battlefield.

I find also in verse seven there is a settled soldiering. David expands upon the adjectives to describe the Lord. He says because he is in God, it is in the Lord he finds deliverance. If you are in the deliverer you can have nothing but deliverance. He says by being on this settled rock he fines the strength to go on. He also found a place of refuge and hiding. To be in God you are in a hiding place where life can't take the life out of you. David says because of the soldiering in God alone he wants to praise and give him glory. The word glory means to lift up and call the attention of others to the one being lifted up. David says I'm not lifting up the trouble with Absalom, but the One who is over it all, God Alone.