Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #217
Posted: February 1, 2011

PSALM 62:1-4


Let us begin our study this week of Psalm 62. Most believe it was written during Absalomís rebellion. The Bible gives it a simple title of a Psalm of David. I am interested in three words that are used multiple times in the text. They are the words truly, only, and surely. They are used in verses one, two, four, five, six, and verse nine. They are all the same word in the Hebrew and when translated straight into the English it is the word alone. I want to study this Psalm under the theme of God alone. The phrase God alone was taken up by the reformists in the Reformation against the Church of Rome. The reformers said it was Scripture alone, but Rome said there must be the addition of what they thought. The reformers said it must be Christ alone. The Church of Rome said there must be the addition of the Virgin Mary and Angels. The reformers said it must be faith alone, the Church of Rome said there must be the addition of works. May I remind us today no matter the little additions even we Baptists tack on to our beliefs it is still God alone.

Let us begin our study this week by looking in verses 1-2 and the subject of security in God alone. Godís security is always found in waiting. David's waiting is seen as a spiritual waiting in the phrase truly my soul waited upon God alone. The word truly is the word alone. David is waiting by himself for God alone. Most of the time when God calls on us to wait it will be something that must be done on an individual basis. The words wait means to stop and hold one's peace, to quiet oneself, and keep silence in the presence of another. The act of being still in God's presence is not easily attained. When all our thoughts, feelings, and doings are set upon Him this is the only time we find ourselves being still.

Security not only seen in waiting involves working which is seen in 62:2a. David tells us that the work of deliverance comes from God alone. He alone is my rock and deliverance. Oh how often this life seems to be sinking sand, but if we are in Him He is our security. When all around my soul gives way He then is my only hope and stay. On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand.

Our security also involves a way, which is found in 62:2b. Remember when David is writing this text he is fleeing from the presence of Absalom. He reckons on the Way of the fact God Is my defence alone. The word is a military term used by one who is protecting and giving security to another. To the human eye it looks as If David is going down, Absalom will defeat David and set up his own throne. Let us be assured it only looks that way in our battles, but If God is our defense follow the story until He has concluded the last scene. Let us have confidence in our God alone that He will have the last word. David says because of this secure way I shall not be greatly moved. David is telling us I am moving physically, but I am steadfast and unmovable spiritually. Let that be our confidence and great assurance. The world may seem like it is taking us down. We may be sliding all over this rock of grace, but I am sure of one thing that I cannot be moved from all this rock of security in God alone. I blessed the day when God showed me it was Scripture alone, which gave me faith alone, and placed me in Christ alone.