Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #213
Posted: December 1, 2010

PSALM 60:6-8


Let us continue our study of Psalm 60. We have found that David is fighting in the extreme North when battle breaks out in the South with Edom. Our theme is when battlefronts change. God will often let us be attacked in areas we thought our self the strongest. We have looked at verses 1-3 and a great defeat and verses 4-5 and a great deliverance.

I will draw our attention this week to verses 6-8 and a great dependence. Let us look first of all at David's dependence on a sovereign promise. Let us see in verse six that the promise must be observed. In David's case as well as in ours all promises must be based on a word from God. David says in verse six that God had spoken. We cannot just go through the Bible and randomly pick out promises. They must become a Rehma which is a special word from God. On many occasions God will let a verse or phrase from the Bible jump off the page and go like a dagger into our heart. When this happens you can then bank on it, the promise is yours to claim. While fighting on one front God sends trouble on another front, David immediately seeks the Lord and God sends the word. I noticed this promise is assured by His Holiness. He who has promised cannot lie. When our God makes a promise you can take it to the bank and call the things that are not as though they were. I noticed David's response to the sovereign promise, is he does not reason or check its validity, but he immediately begins to rejoice. The word means to jump with exalted joy towards the one who has promised. When God gives a promise, backs it with his Holiness, let us not be unemotional in our response. I noticed also in the sovereign promise that it is a promise that must be obeyed by David. Whenever we receive a promise faith always acts in the area of entering into possessing what has been promised. The places mentioned in verses 6-7 are all places that Joshua and the people of God had failed to totally conquer. Shechem was on the Westside and Succoth was on the East. Gilead and Manasseh were on the east while Ephraim and Judah were on the west. I noticed there is also a promise that shows ownership. Our Lord says of all these places that they are Mine. They have been given to David and the people of God under the authority of Judah the lawgiver. Christ is from the line of Judah and the fulfillment of all the law. When God makes a sovereign promise to His people it comes with all the backing of the Triune God Head and it will never fail to be accomplished.

In verse nine I see David depends on a sovereign purging. There are three groups of people mentioned that were a constant thorn in David's side. They were Moab, Edom, and Philistia. Moab is called a wash pot. It is the word used for the pan that catches the drippings after washing your feet. Edom which was the grandson of Jacob a type of the flesh is discarded like an old worn-out shoe. Philistia, one of David's arch enemies, has said they can only triumph with David and never over him. I stand amazed at the times God has given me an assured sovereign promise. I have never had Him fail me yet. I'm standing on the promises and cannot fall, listening every moment to the Spiritís call and resting in my Savior as my all in all.