Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #212
Posted: October 25, 2010

PSALM 60:4-5


Let us continue our study of Psalm 60. Remember from our previous study that David is in a battle in the extreme north when Edom attacks him in the south. Our theme is when battle fronts change. How often God will let battles break out in areas we thought ourselves the most secure. The battle in the south was with Edom the grandson of Esau, a type of the flesh. We cannot put any confidence in our flesh it is the source of continual outbreaks of war.

Let us draw our attention this week to verses 4-5 and the subject of a great deliverance. In verse four I see the banner display. The banner in the Bible is always a display of a sure victory. When Moses fought with Amalek another grandson of Esau a type of the flesh, God gave a great victory. In response to this Moses built an altar and called it Jehovah-Nissi. The title means the Lord our banner. In the Song of Solomon when the Shulamite girl was conquered by Solomon she said, his banner over me is love. I thank the Lord for the day God conquered me with his love. Solomon later said of his bride, a type of the church, you are like an army with many banners. I feel David was assured of the principle that would be later voiced by Isaiah when he said; when the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord will raise a banner against him. David said this banner is given to those who fear the Lord. Spurgeon said those who fear God the most will fear man the least. David said let us fly this banner as a sign of truth and trust. God has given us the banner of the Gospel. Let us display it to all we meet along the way. David ends this verse with the word Selah. The word means pause and think upon these things or as John Phillips said, well what you think about that.

In verses one and five I see the beloved is delivered. Whenever the battle broke out in the South, history tells us David sent Joab to battle with Edom. David had confidence in Joab. There is no record that Joab ever lost a battle. Although David had confidence in Joab, there was a greater confidence in God. David stopped all he was doing in the north and began to change the battlefront to the south through prayer. He cries to God for Him to deliver his beloved. The word beloved is a grand title of intimate oneness with God. He asked God to uncover his most powerful weapon, which is His right hand. Then David says in the prayer, hear me. We know from John if he hears us we have the petitions that we have requested. I like the order that David uses. He says deliverance first and hear second. The deliverance is of paramount importance. Our God is so big He can deliver first and hear later.