Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #211
Posted: October 19, 2010

PSALM 60:1-3


Let us begin this week to look at Psalm 60. The title tells us that David is fighting in the far north of his kingdom. Many believe he has taken up where Joshua left off in the taking of the land that was promised to the children of Israel by God. This was certainly a worthy cause. While he is fighting in the extreme north battle breaks out in the extreme south. I would like to look at this theme from Psalm 60 when battle fronts change. In verses one through three David is immediately aware of the lack of God's blessings on what he was doing and stops all battles in the north and begins to seek the Lord. I do not know why God has removed his blessings from David. It could be the very least of sins. The Lord will often let us suffer defeat in an area where we thought ourselves the most spiritually secure. God will not bless any work of the flesh. There have been so many preachers who seem to be blessed in his ministry, only to look and find they have lost their children or marriage to the world.

Let us look at three things David did when suddenly the battlefront changed. I noticed in verse one David examined his failure. In verse one David uses three words to describe this failure. They are cast, scattered, and displeased. The word cast has the idea of rejection, forsaken, or to remove far away. Let me assure us when God removes His presence, it should cause us to stop all operations to seek the Lord. The word scattered means to cause a breakdown or to have a breach in the wall. The word displeased means to breathe hard against, to be angry with, and enraged with. In verse one when David senses his failure he immediately begins to seek the Lord and to ask Him to turn towards them in pleasure once again.

In verse two David takes an estimate of his frailty. While fighting in the north historians tell us that Edomites started a war in the south. The Edomites who were the descendents of Esau are a type of the flesh. David said everything was shaking. He cries for the Lord to heal the breaches. How often in the area we think we are the strongest, the flesh will break out and show our utter frailty. Let us quickly cry out to our God for His healing power of the damage left behind by an outbreak of the flesh.

I noticed in verse three David elevates his focus. David first of all sees that it is God who is behind this outbreak in the south. All things come by His divine design purpose. Our God permits nothing, but ordains all things. These hard things have caused them to drink of the wine of astonishment. The word means amaze with a confusion and delirium. Our God is a master at giving us a wake-up call. His reaching into our lives, shaking us at our foundation certainly changes our focus. The things we thought were so important become so unimportant. There is nothing going on in our life that is more important than abiding in Him, abiding in His word, drawing nigh to Him, and resisting the devil.