Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #210
Posted: September 28, 2010

PSALM 59:14-17


Let us finish up our study of Psalms 59 this week. Let us be reminded in this Psalm that Saulís death squad has surrounded David's house to kill him. David's wife Michal has deceived them with pillows and goatís hair in the bed to resemble David.

Let us look this week at verses 14-17 and two very sweet nuggets of truth. In verses 14-15 I see the enemyís goat is had. In our family if anyone plays a trick on you and gets an adverse reaction from you they call it getting your goat. In verse 14 I see the deceivers are deceived. These are men of such deception. They now sniff around like a pack of dogs that were in search of something beneficial in the food chain to only find they have a skunk. Is that not what happened to Jacob after he deceived his daddy. His father-in-law Laban deceived him. It is bad enough for Saul's death squad to be deceived, but to be deceived by a woman makes it a million times worse. I can almost hear the howling with embarrassment.

In verse 15 I see the wanderers wandering about. David said let them wander about in a grudge of not being satisfied. He says; let them get so upset they can't find me, until they began to attack one another. Oh, how David is enjoying their foolish ways. Let me remind us that those whom God protects us from will one day reap the torment of losing their goat's not only here, but they will experience an infinite burning in hell. It makes me want to kill the goat, die to self, and mortified the deeds of the flesh.

In verses 16-17 I find the eternal God is honored. Let us see in these two verses how and why David will choose to honor the eternal God in the midst of this trying hour. Let us look at verse 16a and the how of David's honor. David said as I will sing and sing aloud in the morning. This is the way to begin our day, especially when there is a cloud of trouble over the day. Let us just break out into song yea a song that is loud. The word aloud means to shout out or make a loud joyful noise. I thought it was interesting that David met the early hours of the day with a song. What better way to set the mood for the day than with a song unto our Lord. Why did David choose to honor the eternal God? I see in 16b because of his mercy. Mercy is God withholding from us what we deserve. I notice that Davidís song of mercy is in the morning. Jeremiah told us in the Lamentations that God's mercies are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness. I noticed he sung because God was a defense and refuge in the day of his trouble. The word defense and refuge speak of high towers of hiding and security. He tells us in 17a he sings because through singing God imputes to him His strength. Oh, how trouble zaps our strength and how praise infuses His strength back into us. David reminds us in 17b of God's defense and mercy. Let us take a lesson from David, when our days are the darkest that our songs in the morning should be the loudest.